Summer “surprises”: in Ukraine there was an increase in communal

In Ukraine due to the increase of wages and reduction of consumption are the tariffs on cold water. The providers appealed to the National Commission on state regulation in energy and utilities (NKREKU) with a request to revise the cost of water supply. In some cities, rates have raised, in others the final decision is still pending. The website “Today” to find out where rose communal summer.

Why expensive cold water

The water tariff has several main components: the cost of electricity (it work the pumps), salaries and taxes. In addition, a fence, transportation and control of drinking water also costs the vendors “a pretty penny”. The more supply, the cheaper the cost of supply.

Local authorities claim the investment programs of the enterprises, the projected volume of consumption laid down in the tariffs. After businesses submit their payments in NKREKU and asked to approve the new rates. A few months ago, the National Commission came to the representatives of local authorities from different cities in order to present new calculations. As it turned out, the real water consumption was much less predictable – rates are rising and Ukrainians have to save.

The cost of water revised taking into account the growth of wages, rise in price of electricity and new consumption. “The new rates are approved by local authorities. The rate should correspond to the costs incurred by the company. Should not be social populism,” – said the Deputy mayor Dmitry South-Loving.

By the way, the websiteToday” has developed a special calculator which allows to define, how many water you spend, and whether your costs are regulatory.

I spend a lot of water?

I have Central hot water supply
The water is heated by a boiler

How many people is communal:
How many cubic meters of cold water spend:
How many cubic meters of hot water spend:

Hot water:
Cold water:

* Calculations made on indicators of average consumption NKREKU and regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers

In some cities, the national Commission has already approved the new rates, others still waiting their turn. So, in June, in Kyiv, Lviv, Rivne, Khmelnytskyi and Dnieper Ukrainians were “stouter” bills.

How to change prices:

  • “Kyivvodocanal” – from 13.77 to 15.79 UAH per cubic meter
  • “Loovvool” – from 10.49 to 13.41 hryvnia per cubic meter
  • “Raveolution” – from 13.38 to 15.84 hryvnia per cubic meter
  • “Dniprovodokanal” – from 12.45 to 13.32 USD per cube
  • “Hmelnickogo” – from 11.49 to 13.91 hryvnia per cubic meter

It should be noted that the cost of water is different in each city. It depends on the Economics of the enterprise. Different infrastructure, different wages, different costs of transportation and the fence – and therefore the final tariffs for consumers vary.

What is the rate of water


However, in the above cities the wave of the rise of water will not stop. Just a few days ago increased the tariff on cold water in Kharkiv. If earlier cube cost 8.74 USD, now the same amount of water is already 9.32 USD. Separately need to pay for the drains – this service rose from 4.72 to 5.22 UAH per cubic meter. “Harkovvodokanal” consumers explained – utility service has risen because of rising repair costs, wages and electricity.

“If rates do not change, “Harkovvodokanal” will begin to operate at a loss. The tariff increase was influenced by several factors: an increase in the cost of electricity by more than 30%, the increased costs of labor in connection with the minimum wage increase – 42.8%, and the growth of prices of reagents, fuel and lubricants, costs of repairs, taxes and fees, the cost of heating”, – said the press service of the company.

In 2017, as stated in the presentation NKREKU, on average, for Ukrainians, the cold water will rise by 9%. Businesses are required to file a statement with the request to establish the new tariffs up to August 10.

How to pay for water less

President Petro Poroshenko has signed the law “On commercial accounting of heat”, which came into force this month. Enterprises are required on all high-rise buildings to install domestic water meters. If you find that all the indications of room counters home less the readings of house meters, the difference will have to pay all of the apartments. For example, if the house meter wound 600 cubic meters, and all apartment – 550, a difference of 50 cubic meters will be distributed among all tenants.

Photo: Pixabay

The so-called losses occur for several reasons – the breathing tubes in the house, machinations with meters, illegal connection to in-house system. And as the whole house, along with communications, basement and roof – the property of tenants, to be responsible for the loss of water in the house will have tenants.

So the first step to save water is to make sure that the pipes in the house are in satisfactory condition and all the water count counters. After that you should think about saving in an apartment. As told “Today,” the expert in the field of energy efficiency Anna Shumeiko, the average Ukrainian family uses the “wasted” hundreds of liters of water.

If you install aerators on faucets to take a bath instead of a shower to turn the water off during washing and washing up for a year you can save hundreds of hryvnia. Read more about how to save water, you can read here.