Starting tomorrow: Russia gives the Saudis a free tourist visa

The Russian foreign Ministry said that starting Tuesday, work will begin to provide free electronic visas for entering Russian territory for citizens of Saudi Arabia and several other countries.

It is reported that e-visa to Russia free of charge, the citizens of such countries as Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, India, Iran, Qatar, China, North Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Singapore, Tunisia, Turkey and Japan.

A citizen of a foreign state may submit a request to receive free visas via the website. It does not need to submit any documents in addition to digital images. The visa is issued for up to 30 days from the permitted duration of stay in Russia not more than eight days.

Entry into Russian territory by e-visa is only permitted with the territories including special economic and trade zone under the name “Free port”, that is, from the territories of Primorsky Krai, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk, Sakhalin and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.


Reader comments:

Al-UMR Allah, 9.08, 05:53 AM: Allah is our Savior! This offer is 40% to attract tourists, and 60% a political move. They have ulterior motives that are not known. Guys, Russia is a traitor! If you want to live, don’t go there! If you go there and you will be able to return, if you are born again. I swear to God, guys, if they offered me a million such visas, I would not go. If you go, it will cause political conflicts between the two countries. If you go at their expense, then our country will not be able to guarantee your safety. Allah allows to go only for medical purposes, and if our government pays all the bills, and you go, being under his protection. Otherwise, our laws will not protect you, if you go by yourself. Long life to You our king Salman!

Majid Muhammad, 8.08, 08:12 AM: Our scientists, will have mercy on them Allah, such as Ibn Baz, Ibn Yimin, as well as those who came before them Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim, said that the journey to the land of the infidels is only allowed for the treatment or the search for knowledge.

Ascarelli, 8.08, 08:04 AM: They say, “Just come and you’ll be safe!” No one should have to go there! The people there walk the streets with guns, and if you speak with them, they will chase you and shoot, not to mention thieves, mafia gangs and drug dealers!

Of azab al-Watan, 8.08, 07:54 AM: IT will go only those who themselves do not respect, and then only after much deliberation.

Nukta Nizam, 8.08, 04:39 AM: Qatar had to point only at the end of the list.

Muhammad al-harbi, 8.08, 01:43 AM: the Money doesn’t matter, we still don’t want to go

Hilal al-Misui, 8.08, 01:42 AM: I Swear by Allah, I know only one thing — as soft soil in the spring.

Al-Akhdar al-Asimi, 7.08, 11:23 RM: Keep in mind that the policy has three dimensions! I just wonder why the policy is being studied in universities around the world?! Politics is both theory and practice. To pursue a policy means to control, to manage the situation so that it worked for your interests. When something like that happens, analysts say it is a manifestation of awareness and foresight. Russia is killing people in Syria and says: “Come join us for free visa!”.

Fahd, 7.08, 11:20 RM: Someone got lucky.

ahmad abdulaziz, 7.08, 11:11 PM: the Distant and dead region where no tourists, so the government wants to stimulate tourism in the country

Muhammad al-Qahtani, 7.08, 10:11 RM: a faraway place, the closest to Japan and North Korea. In addition, it is far from the capital, Moscow — 6430 miles. Why not give visas to Moscow, instead of a distant region?

Anshu Latifah, 7.08, 09:50 RM: Now I can enjoy Russian bread, cakes, buy wooden dolls — dolls…

Garmen Greek, 7.08, 09:48 PM: Those who go home to Putin, crazy, thieves and terrorists, and I don’t advise anyone to go there even for free. Only necessity forces them to issue free visas.

VIP AAMA, 7.08, 09:34 PM: Allah does not favor them. He has no pleasure and tourists that go there. They are killers of children, they are traitors who collaborate with Israel during wars and crises, so it was, in particular, in 1967.

Ibrahim al-Halawi al-Junub, 7.08, 09:33 RM: Good suggestion

Shamukh al-Junub, 7.08, 09:31 RM: I’m afraid that I was going to be delayed or killed by mistake. Russia is hostile to the Saudi state, which supports Bashar and Khamenei. First, all for free, and then will turn high price. Allah is enough for us the evil which they have done.

Kalima Fi nafsi, 7.08, 09:29 RM: May Allah save us from them and their tourism!

Abu Sicl 1, 7.08, 09:20 RM: Forward, Russia!

Hitler XX, 7.08, 09:16 RM: this is what makes us angry.

Ana hoo, 7.08, 09:08 PM: These Russian visas are issued only to visit specific regions and to enter through certain points, so we hope that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia specifically explain the meaning of this decision.