In China, a massive explosion at the chemical plant

In Eastern China an explosion occurred at a chemical plant. As a result, emergency injuring two people, reports the People’s China Daily.

#BREAKING Two injured as explosion rocked a chemical plant in east China’s Anhui province around 10:45 pm on Feb 8. Investigation underway.

— People’s Daily,China (@PDChina) 8 Feb 2017

“Two people were injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in Anhui province in Eastern China. The investigation continues,” – the newspaper notes.

The explosion was caused by high boiling point solvents stored at the plant.

We will remind, today a powerful explosion occurred at a chemical plant for the processing of chlorine in Valencia. After the explosion at the plant began a strong fire and heavy smoke. After the spread of the fire there were several explosions. Three thousand people were evacuated.