Elections to the Bundestag: 45 days

Vladimir Putin should be sorry for. During the presidential campaign in the United States it was that simple: to beat Hillary, to support trump. And here you have a President who scolds own Congress if it decides to impose sanctions against Russia. In Germany the situation is more complicated. Whom to support, whom to fight, if all seek to curry favor with one person?

In the first place — the SPD. Because Gerhard Schroeder (Gerhard Schröder) is a lobbyist for the Russian gas industry. The former party Chairman Matthias Platzeck (Matthias Platzeck) there is a new task, namely “to eliminate the prejudices and concerns of our Russian friends in the German family and his father’s houses” — he has told in conversation with the one close to the Kremlin told the newspaper. The Minister of economy of cypris Brigitte (Brigitte Zypries) believes that the U.S. sanctions are as stupid as trump, and spreads the tale that they were introduced only in order to harm German industry.

But there are “Alternative for Germany” (ADH). The party’s ideology Albrecht Glaser (Glaser Albrecht) “appointed” number one enemy “the ideology of the unity of the world” and considers the EU as “patients, most of whom identified infectious diseases”. If the situation had developed the way he wanted and nationalist forces in ADG, Russian nature would cure Europe.

For Putin play after all, and “Left” have little attachment to the old colonial power, but also because of the hatred of America.

And now put forward their suggestions and Christian Lindner (Christian Lindner): to accept the annexation of Crimea by Russia as a “long-term temporary” solution and not wait until Putin will change his behavior in order to promote the lifting of sanctions. Sam Lindner, in response to the criticism said that he just “said what many think and what has been the real policy”. If Angela Merkel, so to speak, left hand protects the sanctions regime against Russia, then the right, she develops a new, joint with Russia gas pipeline project “Nord stream — 2”. And green has just sacked its most severe critics.

Russia’s share in our exports in 2016 was ridiculously low and amounted to 1.8%. As a country — importer of German goods, the country occupies the 16th place. To speak more precisely: who, if not Germany, can afford to adhere to the principles in relation to Putin? But Yes, because he had a swollen head from the abundance of German friends.