Ukrainian women are not placed in the top 10 of the sprint race at the world Cup

Today in Ruhpolding, Germany women’s sprint race took place in the framework of the stage of the biathlon world Cup.

The best result among the Ukrainians showed Julia Jim – it is with the two penalties, became the 11th.

Today’s birthday girl Anastasiya Merkushyna became the 23rd. The first race of this season held Valia Semerenko finished in 30th place. Olena Pidhrushna was the 41st, and Irina Varvynets – 52.

Winning the race went to the biathlete from Finland, Kaisa Mäkäräinen. Second place went to Gabriela Soukalova from the Czech Republic, and the third is German Laura Dallmeier.

1. Kaisa Mäkäräinen (0+0) 20:51.8
2. Gabriela Soukalova (0+0) +22.0
3. Laura Dallmeier (0+0) +30.1

11. Julia Jim (1+1) +1:27.9
23. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+1) +1:58.0
30. Valj Semerenko (1+1) +2:11.8
41. Olena Pidhrushna (1+1) +2:33.2
52. Dahlmeier Laura (0+1) +2:47.9