Fashionable satin bed linen Fall-Winter 2017!

A few decades ago, the society rarely had a choice in the decor of the bedroom. Housewives were limited to the acquisition of the first set of textiles. The shelves was not much variety and quality. So the bed was often decorated with outdated, unattractive and dull tissue. Today, in the era of innovation and progress, all have long understood that home comfort needed style and elegance. How to choose beautiful linens and stay in the trend?

In 2017, the year is typical for fashionable bedroom interior are fabric with abstraction. Unusual patterns, original patterns and saturated spots will make Your room the very zest, which look happy, and the heart trembles, and the soul rests.

Very stylish in the bedroom look complete with a contrasting geometry. The combination of white and black, white and red and other colors in geometric patterns make life comfortable and modern.

Designers celebrated the fashion line. This bedding promotes relaxation. Graphic lines with ornaments allow you to relax your eyes. This is very important in the bedroom.

As for the color choice – the experts are divided here into two camps. Some see the fall of 2017 in bright contrasting palette. For example, using bright yellow shades or fuchsia. The fabric in this case, it is necessary to find the maximum contrast. But do not overdo it with the poisonous shades – this can lead to excessive fatigue and irritation.

Other designers prefer the classic understated options. Pastel and monochrome shades, fabrics, in their opinion, are psychological comfort. These products are easy to combine with the style of any interior. For the season Autumn-Winter is well suited snowy white linen, textiles, orange, warm autumn shades, or in a saturated blue color. The final choice of colors, in the end, depends on the bedroom interior and Your taste.

As in any other time in the world of textiles is considered fashionable and are considered high-quality, natural fabrics. Among these, first and foremost, the stand out satin, jacquard and silk. The most popular material, satin fabric, wear – resistant and durable. It is very resistant to washing and picky. Characterized by high quality and a large assortment of prints, patterns and shades. Today sateen bed linen is widely available in online stores, and any hostess can easily enjoy a fashionable item.

Good fabric is jacquard – fiber blend of cotton, silk with a particular system of weaving. Typical of this material hardness, fineness and smoothness. The most expensive fabric is silk. This bedding is very nice to the touch. Unfortunately, the silk fastidious care. The material is not resistant to high temperature, pressing and dry cleaning. Treatment it is better to entrust to specialists from the dry cleaners.

If You have taste, you know the importance of quality fabrics in domestic use – the selection of fashionable bedding this fall for You is not difficult.