Victory day in Ukraine: police are investigating the fact of the use of forbidden symbols

In the police report that events are held safely

Events in Ukraine dedicated to the Victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war, are generally quiet, without incident, on administrative violations is composed of 9 protocols, open one proceeding in connection with the use of banned symbols.

“Action, dedicated to celebration of Victory Day over Nazism in the whole country go quietly. As of the moment, gross violations of public order is not fixed, the police provide public safety and quarantine restrictions,” – said in the National police.

As of 13.00 Saturday open criminal proceedings in connection with the use of banned symbols.

“The police in Sumy region, it was reported that in Putivl during the rally in the streets of the city, the participants used banned symbols,” – said the police.

On this fact data are brought in ERDR under article 436-1 (production, distribution, Communist, Nazi symbols, propaganda of totalitarian regimes).

Also, according to the police, is composed of 9 administrative reports. 5 protocols regarding violations of the rules of quarantine (article 44-3 of the code of adminnarusheniyah): 4 violations in Kiev and one in Kherson region.

4 of the Protocol drawn up in connection with hooliganism (article 173-3 of the code of adminnarusheniyah) – one violation was recorded in Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Odessa areas and in Kiev.

As reported, on may 9 in Ukraine planned for 290 events with the laying of flowers and 50 caravans. Public safety and order during these activities provide more than 6.9 thousand policemen and more than 1.4 thousand soldiers of the national guard.

Earlier the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky honored the memory of fallen soldiers in the Second world war.

As reported “Today”, yesterday, may 8, in Ukraine was another important date on the occasion of the Second world war – Day of memory and reconciliation. The President of Ukraine went to Lugansk region and visited the village of chalk, where the memorial complex “Ukraine – to liberators” paid tribute to the victims. Also Zelensky addressed on the occasion of Day of memory and reconciliation. He recalled that during the six years of world war I killed more than eight million Ukrainians.

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