Greetings Valentine’s Day: TOP cute SMS

Till Valentine’s Day, left little time to fully prepare is to book a table at a restaurant, buy a gift and don’t forget about flowers. But if you don’t celebrate with anyone or just do not want, you can do a simple message.

Send a cute message can be anyone who is dear to your heart. At the same time to send such a message will not be easy, but sure to bring a smile to the recipient.

TOP-greetings SMS Valentine’s Day:


You’re brilliant, perceptive, unique and attractive.
You are brilliant, smart, gentle, diplomatic, bold, friendly.
You eminent, enchanting, awesome. I love you, hope that is clear


Friend, happy Valentine’s Day,
Let at you the roof caved in
Confessions, greetings and colors
And sweets of all kinds and varieties!


Let, like a piece of ice on the palm,
Melt away winter fatigue!
Let Valentine’s Day
Give happiness, laughter and joy!


On Valentine’s day
Let dreams come true,
Don’t let past love
And in my heart flowers bloom!

Let happy this holiday
Will bring news beautiful,
Will be a small tale,
Where everything is happy and clear!


Wish you happiness and love,
And that was true all the dreams
And even in extreme cold
At your feet lay roses!


To spend a pleasant evening
There is a wonderful reason.
Congratulations, my sun,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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