This is not censorship: the national Council responded to the statement of Freedom House on “Rain”

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting banned broadcasting of Russian TV channel “Rain” in Ukraine is not for censorship purposes, and solely in Ukrainian legislation. So said the national Council on the statements of Vice-President of Freedom House.

The national Council noted that eliminating the channel from the list of programs, the content of which meets the requirements of the European Convention on transfrontier television and laws of Ukraine exclusively on a statutory basis.

“Service of the National Council, which constantly monitor both foreign and domestic broadcasters mismatch program content of the channel to the Ukrainian legislation. Recorded distribution of commercial advertising, which is a violation of the ninth paragraph of article 13 of the law of Ukraine “On advertising” (“Stream (broadcasting) advertising contained in programmes and broadcasts of foreign radio and television broadcast (relayed) to the territory of Ukraine, if foreign broadcasters are not subject to the jurisdiction of the member States of the European Union or States that have ratified the European Convention on transfrontier television, shall be prohibited”). As is known, the Russian Federation has not ratified the Convention, therefore, the TV stations that operate under its jurisdiction, apply the specified rate”, – stated in the message of the national Council.

In addition, as stressed in the national Council, the channel repeatedly aired the stories programs information, which indicates the non-recognition of state borders and the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine

Previously Vice President of Freedom House international programs Robert Herman said that, banning Russian TV channel “Rain” in Ukraine, Ukrainians are deprived of access to independent coverage of events in Russia, restricting the choice of points of view.

Recall, January 12, the national Council for television and radio broadcasting Council ordered Ukrainian providers to stop relaying Russian TV channel “Rain” because of the channel-recognition of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as translation of the Russian advertising.