A Chinese man was detained at a bus stop with amputated arms brother

At the bus stop in the Chinese province of Guizhou, the police detained a man in the Luggage which was amputated human hand. It is reported metronews.ru.

While checking Luggage scanner police asked the man to tell about the contents of the bag, and he answered honestly that transports a human hand. He was immediately detained, but the passenger explained that the limbs belong to his brother.

As it turned out, a relative of the detainee some time ago received a strong electric shock, after which he amputated both hands. He is still in the hospital, but asked my brother to take arms in their home village for safekeeping.


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According to Chinese traditions, the human body need to be buried or cremated as a whole, that he finds peace in death.

Brother passenger, police confirmed his words, and then the man was released. While in the bus company said that on their flight to transport the body parts, even if there are accompanying documents. Now the man will have to find another way to deliver the amputated hands of his brother in the village.