Bezviz very close: what you need to know about crossing the border

Today in Strasbourg took place the signing of the document, which opens for Ukrainian border with the EU. The latest political decision on the way to visa-free regime was the vote of the EU Council, which took place on may 11. The publication of the law is scheduled for 22 may and the start of visa-free travel 11 Jun 2017.

The website “Today” found out that you need to remember for easy border crossings and questioned neighbors about the advantages of free travel.

What documents to take with you?

To travel to the EU without visas will only Ukrainians with biometric foreign passport. Biometric passport can be issued to units of the State migration service (SMS), regardless of where you are registered. Ukrainians in other countries can apply to the diplomatic institutions. “Biometrics” will cost from 557 to 810 UAH depending on the period of registration. Also registration takes a network of centers “Passport service”. The standard amount will be added to another 400 UAH for the services of the company (the price will be from 957 to 1210 UAH, respectively).

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Border guards have the right to ask the purpose of the trip, so get an invitation to a free form, if you go to visit friends or relatives, and a return ticket. Also at passport control frequently check the information about the place of stay (e.g., hotel reservation), funds (enough to have a Bank card or cash) and medical insurance.

How to pass the test?

In the State border service of Ukraine “Today” said that the biometric passport will help to avoid queues during passport control at the airport. So, in many international airports operate “electronic gate” – automatic passport control checkpoints. The owners of “biometrics” can do through security – just bring a document to a machine that reads the information. At the airport Borispol, for example, the “electronic gate” was opened in January last year. We will remind, the first passengers receive airline boarding passes, which indicated a seat, and after checking baggage and present to the inspection of hand baggage. Passport control takes place in the last turn.

Ukrainians who cross the border by car, have to go to: passport control (verification of documents, including driver’s license, filling in the customs Declaration, which must specify all items), inspection machine (also need to show the registration certificate of transport) and customs.

In the train, and the passport and customs inspection takes place at the same time. Militiamen check documents, become familiar with the completed customs Declaration to and examine the baggage.

In Ukraine there are 51 international crossing for road transport 32 points for the rail and 20 for sea transport. Each item has border guards and customs service. Rules on all points the same. With a need to have the internal and the international passport, it is impossible to transport weapons, drugs, commodities that can harm health, pornographic materials, etc.

Go like our neighbors?

“When Moldova received visa-free access to Schengen countries, it seemed something unimaginable: it can’t be, so no long queues at the Embassy, an enormous array of documents, multiple visits to the consular section… but miracles do happen,” says the media expert and journalist from Moldova Natalia Scurtul, which is bezveza 2014.

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Natalia confirms – although all the documents, except for the biometric passports are recommended, it is better to take them with you. “First, you need to arrange medical insurance for the whole period of stay in Europe. Though insurance and is Advisory in nature, but at any boundary point You need to ask – and it will not add the location to You guardians of the border. Secondly, it is better to have a confirmation that You will return to the country of residence in the form of a return ticket. Sometimes the border guards may ask: where will You live during the trip. On this account it is better to have a prepared answer: “friends in that city (you can call the names of friends)”, “such-and-such hotel”. People often ask about the purpose of the visit”, – the journalist speaks.

While Natalia Scurtul notes – normally, the control procedure goes quickly and smoothly: “Repeated visits to Europe convinced me that we’re not welcome there, take welcoming and friendly. Travel to your health!”.

Agree with her Moldovan journalist Svetlana Tataru, who is also a judge for the arm wrestling, because often travel to the EU. “Now I’m in Munich came to Germany. At the airport, even the insurance asked. Just showed the ticket, told about the purpose of the trip when I return. But the insurance I would advise you to do. And the main assistant is experience. Most travel – if you buy tickets in advance, it is not expensive. But you get new experiences, get new friends and experience a different cultural environment”, – tells Svetlana.

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