Visit Scooter in the occupied Crimea: what will happen to the musicians

The Prosecutor’s office of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, intends to send a request to German authorities on international legal assistance in connection with the violation of German Scooter in the order of entry in the Crimea annexed by Russia, reports Deutsche Welle.

“We are talking about “holding a number of investigative actions, first of all questioning, “–said on the Agency’s website.

As you know, Ukraine has opened a criminal case on violation of the German group Scooter of the order of entry in the Crimea annexed by Russia. The musicians who performed at the festival in a Balaclava arrived to the Peninsula, which according to Ukrainian legislation, has the status of “temporarily occupied territories” without permission from Kiev and not from the territory of Ukraine, and from Russia, threatening them with punishment till eight years of imprisonment.

Previously in cases of illegal entry into the Russian Crimea, musicians and politicians from EU countries all ended for them only a prohibition of entry to Ukraine.

In the Crimean case Scooter no breaches of German or European law. While Ukrainian legislation for the entry into the Crimea from the territory of the Russian Federation provides for criminal liability in Germany there is no such prohibition.

The German foreign Ministry does not recommend only to visit the annexed contrary to international law, the Peninsula and warns that to enter from Ukraine requires permission of Kiev, and the entrance from the territory of Russia is a violation of Ukrainian laws.


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As confirmed by German lawyers of alleged breach of EU sanctions prohibiting the export of goods and services in the Crimea, there is, after all, the organization and conduct of commercial concerts on the Peninsula to the restrictive measures of the EU are not covered.

Therefore, the investigation in Ukraine in relation to German musicians futile, according to German experts.

“The chances that Ukraine will be able to do something against the Scooter members, if they do not arrive on its territory, something which they definitely will do almost no”, – says German lawyer of international law firm CMS Thomas Heidemann.

In addition, the issuing procedure is very complicated, the Constitution of Germany forbids extradition of German citizens, exceptions are possible only in cases of extradition to countries of the EU or international courts.

However, Heidemann I doubt very much that in case of violation of border crossing rules can reach up to the announcement of musicians from Germany in the international search. High hopes for the provision of legal assistance to Ukraine from Germany, the German lawyers also do not lay.

If the response to the request on legal assistance is positive, Kiev can count on receiving documents on suspects or for interrogation, said Heidemann.

We will remind, on August 4, the participants of the Scooter arrived in occupied Simferopol to attend the festival ZBFest, which was held in the valley of Balaklava.

Earlier, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin in comments to the German newspaper Bild claimed that, according to Ukrainian legislation, the musicians could face one to eight years for illegal speech on the Peninsula.