The higher a person’s wages, the more it is prone to change: expert opinion

The higher a person’s wages, the more he is prone to adultery. It is reported the relationship expert from the UK, life coach India Kang.

In her opinion, men and women who earn more than their other half, often unfaithful spouses. Especially if they feel that they are not getting the respect you deserve, reports “New time”.

At the same time, the expert notes that the respect and gratitude of the partner who earns less is very important for the partner whose job pays more.

This is especially important for men, assures Kang. And although it may sound old-fashioned and sexist, for men respect and attention from women – like oxygen.

“If you respect him, he will take care of you” – says India Kang.

If one partner provides and protects the family, the second is to Express gratitude and appreciation for his efforts, said Kang. When the spouse who earns more, doesn’t feel the moral support of a loved one, he seeks it elsewhere where his efforts are appreciated.