The course is on the rise in Ukraine actively developing airports

From the beginning the main airport of the country — “Borispol” — amazing records: +32% of the passenger traffic in the first quarter of the year, +29% of the passenger traffic at the end of June compared to the same period in 2016. Mostly due to transit passengers: their number increased by 49%, to 0.6 million people. CEO Paul Ryabikin has already expressed the hope that this year the airport first will serve more than 10 million passengers (in 2016 was to 8.65 million, and it was a record in the history of “Borispol”). July 30, saw a record daily ridership in its history: 40 939.

At the airport “Kiev” (Zhulyany) is also replenishment: in June, the airport served, according to official statistics, 182 thousand passengers, which is 73.8 per cent more than in June 2016. They provided 2265 flights, which has increased by 35,9% than a year earlier. Then, in 2016, it was known that several regional airports immediately started thinking about a serious reconstruction and profitable future.

We found out where “now who,” what are the prospects of development of airports and can count the tourist in the near future.


The success of air transport was not ready the ground: according to experts, the airport will soon run into the problem of transportation of passengers from the capital. “We’ll get to nontransient 10 million passengers a year and traffic will be frequent on the track. With 12 million road will be like on a Friday night in the center of Kiev”, — said General Director of “Borispol” Pavel Ryabikin.

Essential rail alternative to buses, agrees the Director of “Ukraeroproekt” Cyril Novikov. Now the government is thinking, what kind of transportation to put in Borispol and, according to Novikov, choose the modular option.

The passenger traffic. Fits to the calculated maximum terminal

“At first, for a minimal cost to organize the urban light rail or rail bus on the carriage 3, the same rails to allow a full subway train of 8 wagons, — he explains. — That is, first to lay rail, universal base, and then choose which of the types of railway transport would be the most appropriate according to the demand.”

In addition, according to Novikov, it must cover the 150 km zone around the airport, that is to deliver passengers to it, say, directly from Chernigov, Cherkassy: “Improving bus service, which is also a lot of claims (failures in the schedule, lack of conditioning, carelessness of drivers) — the problem this year. A new form of transport will appear within 1.5—2 years.”

In the coming years plan to facilitate transportation of passengers


Airport “Kyiv” is also increasing the volume and momentum — so much so that I had, according to the head of the press service Galina Bogdanenko, to expand Parking on 200 places and to reconstruct the terminal: increased the number of check-in counters, added the customs border.

“Have already installed the Parking machines system is automated, European. The price has not changed, but the revenues we increased, she says. The most popular destinations today — Minsk, Dubai, Antalya, Budapest, Rome, Ankara, and from the interior to Odessa, Zaporozhye, Lviv.”

All carriers accepted the “Kiev”, added destinations and increased flight frequency, has attracted new aircraft in the Park — this is a General trend. Negotiations are now conducted almost all European low-cost companies.

BIG NEWS. Two Ukrainian airport, Boryspil and Lviv, may fall into private hands. This decision was taken in early July in the Ministry of Infrastructure. Companies give them to the terms of the concession, the bill which is almost ready. The concession agreement is when one party agrees, at its expense, to construct or to reconstruct certain property in the possession of the other party. The first gets the right to exploit the then renovated the project and to obtain a profit. Two of our best airport may dramatically change the development strategy and no one will get the international operator (only terminals and airports, according to the law, the state permanently).

“The market in Eastern Europe and CIS most experienced in this respect — Turkish TAV, which is 38% owned by one of the worlds leading French — ADP — says on this occasion, the Chairman of the Committee for strategic development of the airports Association “Airports of Ukraine” Yevgeny Treskunov. — Such things are not uncommon: the German company came in Bulgaria, the Austrians dispose of košice”.


  • Odessa airport has presented the upgraded cargo terminal

WHO IS THE WINNER. But in the world, as a rule, such conditions are transmitted to the objects to invest in that expensive and lazy, and “Borispol” with “Lviv” — a very profitable enterprise and there are concerns that the traders will skim the cream that would accrue to the Treasury. Will the decision benefit, according to experts, depends on the conditions of the draft concession: will do new construction, manage existing infrastructure, and whether further privatization. The law in this area, according to Treskunov, too imperfect.

“First, corporatization, then concession. If Parliament gives permission — to find an international operator. But it’s definitely not tomorrow or in the coming years”, — commented on the media the decision of the Minister infrastucture Vladimir Omelian. Recall: first steps to transfer Boryspil airport to concession the government made in 2012. “Lions” at the time investors interested in have not been. In 2016, the interest of airports showed the Malaysian company. For the year of the Lviv airport, as you know, the stated +50% of the passenger traffic. Today the concession process prevents outdated law, which are not spelled out, according to Novikov understood by the modern world the mechanisms for profit and working conditions.

The regional airports. Upgrading terminals and airfields. Photo:Н. Kravchuk


The state target program of development of airports in Ukraine approved in 2016, it is all about their reconstruction until 2023. According to plan, the work will be carried out under the state guarantees, funds from the budget are not provided. “While regional authorities take, how can, find alternative sources of funding and launch the reconstruction is at your own risk, — says Kirill Novikov, acting Director of Ukraeroproekt. — Odessa and Zhytomyr build new terminals and Kherson 50% repaired the airfield complex. Vinnitsa and Chernivtsi have been able to launch international flights, and Odessa is gaining momentum, although the new terminal will move only in 2018, and need to think about the overhaul of the airport”.

But airports are Ivano-Frankivsk, and Dnipro are in poor condition: they are only making plans and seeking funds for implementation. Uzhgorod idle for a year since then, as the Slovak and Ukrainian side failed to agree on air traffic control in the border area and did not renew the agreement. “I believe that this year it will launch the flights. Even Nikolaev “stable” the Governor took to clear, and the airport received the first technical flight after four years of inactivity,” says Novikov. The rest of the 17 airports in question the advisability of operation. But, according to Novikov, two years later, at least three regional airport will enter into full operation.

A separate question — with the totally destroyed Donetsk airport: authorities promise to rebuild it mandatory. But this will be done after the occupied territories return under the Ukrainian control.

THE MATTER OF MONEY. To rebuild the airports are costly. Thus, the repair of the runway of the Odessa airport, according to Kirill Novikov, will cost up to $100 million To the same airports of Ukraine would not prevent cooperation.

“Vicious circle: no modern infrastructure of the airport — not go of the most common types of vessels. And to reconstruct it — you need to start flying and making money for repairs, — explains the head of the “Ukraeroproekt”. — But the options out of the situation a lot. Now in connection with decentralization, regional governments are inferior to the income obltsentrov, perevypolnenie plan. Why would the field not to transfer to the airport for the balance of the city?”

Also, according to him, it is possible to create funds for the development and support of airports, the contributions to which are made actually with each passenger ticket and are levied on all companies operating at the airport. Everything is thrown off in favor of a United 3-4 airports. Funds immediately is not enough at all, so in the first year they go to the airport, the second — the next.

High-tech Singapore. Holds first place in the ranking of airports. Photo: AFP