“The most beautiful girl in the world” rose: how has it changed her appearance now

Model from France Tilan Blondo, which was called”the most beautiful girl in the world”, appeared on the show Michael Kors in fashion Week in new York, according to Cosmopolitan.

At the moment, a French girl of 16 years, 12 of which she works as a model. The parents of the Tila – soccer player Patrick Blondeau and actress Veronica Loubry – sent back to my four daughters in one of the leading model agencies, and thus began the career of little beauty. Then she received the title of “the most beautiful girl in the world”.


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Now grown-up model appeared on the show Michаel Kors within the fashion Week in new York. And here’s what she looks like now.

Photo: instagram.com/thylaneblondeau

Photo: instagram.com/thylaneblondeau