Paul Ryabikin: “Daily indicators Boryspil grow almost every day”

— “Borispol” takes more and more passengers. Building momentum — predictable process? When he started?

In our industry the planning takes place at least six months when companies request slots (the service time of the aircraft at the terminal). That is, relatively speaking, in the winter, we already know how many will be flights in the summer. But the surprises possible: the Board may be filled by 50%, or 100%, and then the growth of passenger traffic exceed the target.

The failure for us was 2015. In 2016, began a slow increase, and this, I think, reach the level of 10+ million per year. And if the country did not escalate the situation, the trend will see for a long time. This is a global trend: more and more people use air transport. And in Ukraine, the pent-up demand for travel was enormous, and as the economy recovery more and more Ukrainians allow themselves to fly (and even came to the holiday period). Visa-free regime this, I think, played a role in 2-3%.

In the end, the daily indicators are rising almost every day, and they are close to the estimated capacity of the terminal D — 15 million a year, about 40 800 a day. Now serving more than 39,000, the gap decreases and causes us to think about further development.

— What exactly is your plan for the coming years?

— Depends on what the model will be used. If hubs — then orientirueshsya on transfer passengers and tied to technologies “under one roof” if the low — cost, can you take passengers in disparate terminals to reopen F and B. We are prone to the development of the hub, i.e. building up capacity in the terminal D.

This year first of all you need to finish multi-level Parking, arranging the transportation of passengers. The first 1000 cars will pass to the spring-summer season of 2018. Make a new branch for the issue of the baggage of passengers domestic lines, and the old attach to the international will establish the results in the arrival hall. There are additional outputs to the buses, as a result, the number of flights per hour will increase from 22 to 27.


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And then do the controlled area of aviation security for transfer passengers: add screening equipment and increase rate of passage. On the second level of the terminal will be the area under the waiting hall, shops and catering outlets. Many expect the advent of the supermarket in “Borispol” is possible. But he likely will be located near the Parking lot, not the most expensive part of the terminal. It would be interesting to build in the gallery of the winter garden, in the airport of Singapore.

For two years, will expand the platform, then we will start the preparatory work for the expansion of the terminal. To meet the expectations, we had to start all these works, as they say, yesterday. Let’s try to realize the projects until 2020, and to increase the terminal capacity to 20 million passengers a year.

Experts say that “Borispol” can become a hub between Europe and Asia. Is it possible?

Hub is a product of the interaction of the airport and base, the company is actively engaged in transfer policy. We still have only one carrier, providing convenient connections, the rest carry passengers according to the principle “from point to point.” Can build a gorgeous airport, but the hub will remain empty title, if the company will not increase the fleet and to continue its policy. Rarely, but it happens that the airport is based from two or three companies, for example in the United States.

— Airport is not only equipment, but people. As associate staff to the highest standards?

— Act refresher programmes try to motivate a salary, though it’s still inferior to the market needs. Today is not closed about 200 vacancies, shortage of operators, security systems, airfield workers, longshoremen. The last many dismissed the theft, unfortunately, is to eradicate so far failed. Incidents do not wait as soon as noticed unauthorized access to the baggage — man was dismissed without the possibility to recover and add it to your black list.

With Luggage, by the way, are three ground handling staff of private companies, but for the passenger all movers are employees of the airport, their misses is a blow to our reputation. Therefore, if you notice that the alien violated regulations, seized the pass, and with it the employer understands.