Everything you need to know about safe tan: skin types, the treatment and prevention of burns

Every other traveler wants to bring home not only Souvenirs, magnets, good photos, great memories, but a smooth, beautiful tan. However, not all know how correctly to sunbathe, hence burns a long and unpleasant consequences, according to sobesednik.ru.

Even if you only came to the sea and you on the first day really want to stretch out in a deck chair and soak up the sun at least an hour to give up this idea. Otherwise the vacation can turn into a hell of endless pain will not give you no rest day or night. So lie down two minutes on the abdomen, two on the back and go into the shadows. It is not necessary to go to the beach hungry or, conversely, taking large amounts of food.


  • How to achieve a beautiful tan

Be sure to use sunscreen. It not only will give you safety from burns, but will make a beautiful and even tan. If you don’t want to have wrinkles around the eyes – take sunglasses, sunstroke will save you a headdress.

So, five useful tips to protect your skin while tanning:

  • Do not read while sunbathing, don’t watch the video, relax, relax.
  • Eat less salty foods, salt retains water in the body. Drink more fluids, preferably water.
  • If you are sunbathing on the back, be sure to put your head under a rolled up towel, pillow, swimming circle. Head for the best flow should be raised.
  • Warmed by the sun, do not immediately jump into the cool water. Sudden changes in temperature the body perceives as stress can bring pressure. Stand up, step into the shade, cool off and then go into the water.
  • Well, if you find like-minded people and play some volleyball, football, badminton. Activity on the beach is welcome.
    • Skin types

    Remember – everyone is different. The fact that your roommate sits around all day on the beach and not consumed, does not give you any guarantees. After all, you might have a completely different skin.

    • Determine your type


    Skin white or pale pink, poorly to tan, but prone to burns. Sunbathe people with this type of skin is virtually useless, your efforts hardly anyone will notice, even if every day you were in the sun.

    European light

    White skin more susceptible to sunburn, even after the first session of sunbathing she can darken. But no matter how much you tried to become a “chocolate bar”, you can’t do it. Will not help any special oils or lotions.

    European brown

    Lucky, with this type of skin tans quickly, avoid burns. And with each trip to the beach, their skin becoming darker.

    • Popular recipes

    When the sun burn is often used dairy products: sour cream, yogurt, cream, kefir. But for the fired person prepare a special mask. Take two potatoes, boil them in their skins, make puree, add the cream. Cool and apply warm mashed potatoes on the face. After 15 minutes gently remove the mask with a soft cloth.