How to grow thick eyebrows: TOP 5 simple tips

Fashion eyebrow change as often as fashion for clothes, shoes and bags. Very thin eyebrows, which were at the peak of popularity in the early 2000s, no longer a trend. In their place came wide and thick eyebrows, which can boast not all.

Website Lisa made the TOP 5 simple tips on how to grow gorgeous brows.

Give up the tweezers

First thing, just stop plucking my eyebrows. Even those hairs that grow away from the main line. To endure it will have about 4 months. If you plucked eyebrow for many years, possibly up to a year.

Use for eyebrow growth

There is no panacea that will suit everyone. It is therefore necessary to find exactly the product that will give the best result. There are a lot of serums, conditioners and oils that stimulate hair growth.

Fill in the blanks

While your eyebrows are growing, they often look unattractive, so use corrective powder or pencil to hide the areas where the hairs have not grown.

Shifts the focus

While eyebrows grow, it is not necessary to draw a bright smokey eyes or expressive hands. Better to choose a bright lipstick. Another option is a long bangs covering the eyebrows.

Make a correction specialist

When eyebrows have grown back or endure anymore, go to the salon with good recommendations to the master, whose portfolio you like and trust him for your eyebrows

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