Who is needed now in Ukraine: employers looking for workers and inexperienced professionals

In July, those who do not have time to go on vacation, created in the Ukrainian labor market a little movement. Despite the height of the holiday campaign, the noticeable increase in vacancies was observed in Prospero such as “working personnel”, “production”, “construction, real estate”, says the expert of the expert-analytical center of HeadHunter Ukraine Ekaterina, Krivoruchenko.

“Remained active employers in the field of “career beginnings students.” As in June, and a continued increase in vacancies, she says. — Employers in July still expected to get a staff of young professionals or
– law students for internships”.


Database analysis of vacancies and CV International HR portal hh.ua evidence: in comparison with June, in July, the largest increase in vacancies was in the Kyiv and Ternopil regions, and the smallest — in Kyiv and in Kharkiv region. On 1 July the number of vacancies increased and the database of public service employment to 110,000. Of these, 67 000 were submitted by employers, 63% more than in July 2016.


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“The number of companies cooperating with us for the first half increased by 15% and amounted to 124 000. Our database has increased by 19 percent more jobs, — says Konstantin Kovalenko, responsible for public relations of civil service. A trend was observed in almost all regions. And in Lugansk, Khmelnytsky oblasts and Kiev, the number of proposals has increased three times.”

“The most stable situation in Zhytomyr, Odesa, Poltava and Chernihiv regions. Here the number placed in June and July of vacancies remains approximately at the same level,” he said Krivoruchenko.


With the help of the state employment service within 6 months of the year, found a job at 10% more people than the year before. This is because the majority of firms reported stable performance in the SECOND quarter of 2017, say analysts of the expert-analytical center of HeadHunter Ukraine. “72% of companies were recruiting. The situation has not changed much compared to the first quarter of 2017: in that period more than 85% of companies recruit employees, says Catherine Krivoruchenko. Partial decay may be associated with seasonal variations in the activity and seasonality of the labour market”. Besides numbers, characterise the situation and other factors. The higher level jobs — the longer the negotiation process of the candidate, complains about the recruiting.

“For top-managers there are 5 to 9 phases of interviews that can last for 7 months — konkretisiert Tatyana Nikitovich, Director of HR service provider Smart Solutions. — There is not much willingness to complete their education, to adapt, to grow: for higher wages the employer wants to get a perfect finished specialist education in a specific field”.


The demand for labor, particularly in manufacturing and construction, indirectly proves that the economy is starting to slowly come alive, explains Anatoly Amelin, co-founder and the expert of the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future”. This is also evidenced by the dynamics of growth of GDP: last year it exceeded 2.5% in the first half of 2017, the rate decreased (including by reason of the blockade ORDO). Business will be even more credit resources available: their cost should be reduced at least by 40%, says the expert of the “Ukrainian Institute for the future”. And yet — the simplification of tax administration and business. Nevertheless, positive changes are obvious.

Increased demand for workers helped including decentralization

“Working with different groups of businessmen, see business recovery. Reduced rates for Bank loans (although the bulk of lending has not yet reached), there is great interest from foreign investors, — says the expert. — However, they are proceeding with caution. But the other day I received confirmed information that several major international companies intend to invest in the Ukrainian economy hundreds of millions of dollars over two years.”

That is, worker as today, will be in demand for a long time. Played a role, according to Amelina, and financial decentralization of the regions: local authorities began to actively spend money on their territories, particularly to repair roads. Accordingly, in the case of many engineers and laborers, machinery suppliers and construction materials. But with the construction area is not so clear, says Amelin.

“According to many experts, the demand in the real estate market is formed by investors, who take money from the banking system and, in fact, convert them to square meters, he explains. But according to the statistics of occupancy of new buildings most of the apartments are uninhabited, that is, the demand is inflated, and the bubble might sooner or later burst.”