More than 60% of people who suffer from loneliness, are in a marriage – study

American psychologists have called ten surprising facts about loneliness that plagues more and more people. Scientists call an epidemic of loneliness is more dangerous to the health of the population of our planet than obesity, according to

Ten surprising facts about loneliness:

  • The degree of loneliness does not depend on the number of friends

Sometimes the loneliness is even more profound if you have a large number of friends, and it’s not a paradox. The thing is that this feeling of loneliness is entirely subjective assessment of your relationship. If you are feeling emotionally and socially disconnected from the people around you, you are deeply alone.

  • More than 60% of lonely people are married

When the couple no longer share with each other their deepest feelings, thoughts, and feelings, they feel alone and separated. Who are in such relationships, people sincerely believe that their halves can no longer offer them a deep emotional connection that is required.

  • Loneliness alters our perception of the relationship

Studies show that even carefully asking people about when they last felt lonely, you can achieve a revaluation of already existing relations. It is estimated distraction often forces single people to take in the isolation stronger.

  • Loneliness is contagious in social networks

The loneliness has a clear stigma: well we notice and identify the lonely people around us, even on the Internet. Research shows that single people over a short period ejected from the circles of social networking. It is surprising, but their friends too.

  • Out of loneliness we sometimes colder

Experiments have shown that a simple recollection of the time when we felt a great loneliness, makes people perceive the room temperature as much lower than it actually is. Moreover, such people falls and the temperature of the skin. This particular dip in the cold reflects our evolutionary past, during which the exception of the tribe meant the loss of warm shelter that provides protection from the cold external environment, which could result in death.

  • Out of loneliness we feel victims of attacks

Loneliness causes a rapid and sharp reaction of the body. High blood pressure and cholesterol, activates our physiological and psychological reaction to stress.

  • Chronic loneliness significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease

Over time, people who suffer from chronic loneliness significantly more often faced with cardiovascular diseases because their body is under constant stress.


  • Travel and fun prolong life – scientists
  • Loneliness suppresses the immune system

Loneliness causes our immune system to work less efficiently over time increases the risk of various diseases. Even short periods of solitude harmful to the immune system.

  • Lonely freshmen worse I react to flu shots

Even a few weeks of loneliness is enough to weaken immune system first-year students of higher educational institutions, passing through the preventive flu shots. Studies show that the body lonely first-year students perceive these inoculations are worse: they are less effective.

  • Loneliness as dangerous as Smoking

Scientists came to the conclusion that loneliness affects the human body in various ways, which makes it as dangerous as Smoking. Studies show that chronic loneliness increases the risk of premature death by 14%.