Travel and fun prolong life – scientists

Psychologists from Brigham young University (USA) came to the conclusion that a secluded life substantially reduces its duration, according to Eurekalert.

The researchers conducted two studies, which included analysis of current scientific papers on the impact of loneliness on health. The first stage was a data processing 148 papers that were based on a survey of 300 thousand volunteers. It turned out that strong social ties reduce the risk of early death by 50%.

The second phase was the data examined 70 studies involving 3.4 million people. According to the findings of scientists, social isolation and loneliness increase the risk of premature death to a greater extent than other factors, including obesity.


  • Found the main symptom of loneliness

Experts urged the health system to consider the impact of social ties on health. According to scientists, the need to unleash a large-scale construction of recreation facilities and parks where seniors, who are most vulnerable to loneliness, unable to communicate with each other. People of active age, the study authors suggest to travel more and to avoid the experience with fellow travelers.