In Ukraine plan to create a single account for all taxpayers

The government of Ukraine proposes Verkhovna Rada to adopt changes to the Tax code for the introduction of a single account, payment of taxes and fees and single social contribution through the electronic office of the taxpayer. This decision was taken by Cabinet at the meeting.

“The main purpose of the bill is the simplification of calculations taxpayers with budgets through the introduction of the single account for paying taxes and fees”, – stated in the explanatory note to the document.


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According to the text of the bill, the document assumes introduction of system of payment of the single social contribution, taxes and levies stipulated by the Tax code, except for value added tax and excise tax on the sale of the fuel, through the electronic office of the taxpayer. Innovation should simplify the payment of taxes.

We will remind, today the Cabinet has cleared the aircraft from duties and VAT on import of parts. Vice Prime Minister is confident that the changes will save about 50 thousand jobs.