Robert Mueller does not want to return from vacation and to investigate the intervention of Russia in election

Collodi, Italy – Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (Robert Mueller) confirmed on Tuesday sitting in a small outdoor cafe in the town on the Tuscan hills and sipping the wine, he absolutely does not want to return from a two-month vacation in Europe and begin to investigate Russia’s intervention in the presidential campaign of 2016.


“I try to drive away the unnecessary thoughts and relax, but I remember that if I go back I fall a ton of calls, letters and documents,” said Mueller, who is reportedly two weeks of rest among Italian vineyards. Previously, he has decided that before you take up the investigation of potential collusion between the electoral headquarters of the trump, he “urgently needs to escape from Washington” and spent some time on a yacht in the Aegean sea. “The other day I happened to look at the screen and saw 1 200 unread messages. I’m afraid to go back. I understand that the longer I procrastinate, the more you accumulate work, but it is simply Paradise and I don’t want to leave. Never,” added the special Prosecutor. At the time of publication of this article, Muller pushed the flight back to America for a few days and headed to the French Riviera scuba diving and parasailing.