Coal factory, DTEK will save 90% of electricity on lighting

DTEK implemented the first ESCO energy service project in the coal industry, DTEK Dobropolskaya CEP 339 has been replaced old luminaires with inefficient lamps with new led (LED). With this achieved savings of 90.5% of electricity on lighting. During the year the project will save over 1 million kWh, which is comparable to the annual electricity consumption of 5-6 apartment buildings in Dobropillya.

At the initial stage of the project the specialists of DTEK ESCO conducted energy audits Dobropolskaya CEP, identified potential savings and list of actions to achieve it. The energy management CCM was the first to implement event for technical re-equipment of the lighting system of the main building. To implement the project was signed an energy service contract for a period of 5 years.

The specialists of DTEK ESCO in conjunction with the energy managers CEP has developed a feasibility study of the project that was chosen at the tender of contractor who performed design, installation and commissioning “turnkey”. Equipment supplier was the Ukrainian PROEKTNO-montazhnaya Kompaniya, OOO “AND HEY SOLUTIONS” – technical partner of the Ukrainian producer of led lighting equipment, OOO “Inteltek Ukraine”. During project implementation installed fireproof fixtures, OOO “Inteltek Ukraine” from anodised aluminium and light transmission of the polycarbonate with the following characteristics:

  • lamp luminous efficiency (effectiveness) – more than 120 LM/W;
  • the color rendering index is more than 80%;
  • degree of protection – IP65 (DSTU IEC 60598-1);
  • the expected lifetime (the fall of the light flux not more than 30%) – 85 thousand hours.

In addition to the lamps, the contractors have replaced more than 6 km of cable lines, all panels, controls, lighting, set individual accounting systems of electricity consumed emergency and work lighting.

The effect of energy saving will be distributed between DTEK and the ESCO plant in the ratio of 70/30. After 5 years, upon expiry of the period of energy service contract, 100% save and all installed equipment will remain DTEK Dobropolskaya CEP.

“The replacement lamps we have improved working conditions for our employees, and provided comfortable vision light. While increased industrial safety, reducing the risk of injury due to insufficient light. The lamps are protected from dust and moisture, which is important for coal production. Reduced load on the old wiring, thus avoiding undesirable heating of the contacts and also had a positive impact on industrial safety. We don’t have to constantly change lamps or to deal with the problem of disposal – LED bulb will work at least 50,000 hours and environmentally friendly”, – said the Director of DTEK Dobropolskaya CEP Hope Sudak.

“Energy allows our customers to innovate, upgrade buildings and production through our investment and at no additional cost on their part. Customers save several times: while developing the project during its implementation, in the process of energy savings, while reducing operating costs, minimize production risks, lowering environmental tax. A similar approach can be applied to public sector facilities – schools, kindergartens, hospitals, as well as for the residential sector – apartment buildings”, – said the Director of DTEK ESKO Yevhen Bushma.