How to speed up the process of transfer of a pension from one area to another

“Trying to translate her mother’s pension from the Poltava region in Kyiv for more than two months. And while the mother sits waiting for the documents, cannot apply for a grant, because the certificate of retirement have no place to take — from Poltava, the case went, and in Kiev has not yet come. Are there any terms of translation of documents that the pension Fund must not violate?” — Irina, Kobelco, Kiev.

Meets Marina Medvedeva, Director of “Center pension rights”:

“Enshrined in law no terms. It is really long in our reality is a process that stretched for 2-3 months. Besides the fact that it takes a long time, it also passes re-inspection at the new location: the pension is recalculated again. In the process it often happens that even the pension amount changes (up and down). Easier independently to bring the pension of the pension Fund to another, or to see about Express delivery. This will save you about a month. The allocation you did will not affect: it will just have to wait.


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With regards to the second question, about subsidies. We need to provide the social security office a certificate that the person receives a pension and in what amount. The pension Fund, where it was received earlier, shall issue the document on the day of treatment, and problems with subsidy should not be”.