The budget of 2018: what and how much from the Treasury

While the deputies examine the state budget of Ukraine for next year, Today with the help of experts analyzed what the new main estimates differs from the previous in terms of expenditures. As it turned out, with the General increase in expenditures 12.7% compared to the current budget, the cost of power has increased much more. But on many social articles allocated the same amount, and some even cut.

POWER. As you can see from the infographic, the average cost of maintaining the Central government is Pleased, the Administration of the President and Cabinet — increased by 17%, while budget expenditures increased by only 12.7%. That is, of the total “pie” the government this year wants to cut off a little more than to give to others. This is evidenced by the fact that the costs Gosupravdelami (GUD), which includes, for example, hospitals and sanatoriums, parks and reserves, virtually unchanged, but the contents of AP in the estimate of HOOD is laid down more than 18%. Imagine the Cabinet has increased the budget by 28%, Parliament — from 37%! The money — hundreds of millions of hryvnia: the AP has allocated 145 million more than last year, BP — 450 million UAH more.

The authors of the bill explain this growth primarily to increased utility costs, transportation costs, travel. Also more than half of the pledged money to manufacture state awards (orders and medals), but the money is only 27 million.

PEOPLE. The funding of many social expenditures also increased, but not all. The biggest percentage increase in pledged payments by the Victory day the veterans — an increase of 28%, or more than 300 million UAH. Much less will increase the cost of free treatment of critically ill patients, rehabilitation of veterans, the rehabilitation of the disabled. The biggest increase — 10% (which barely covers inflation. — Ed.) — for the treatment of tuberculosis in children, the money is UAH 40 million. But the treatment abroad costs did not increase, as the construction of housing security forces. Cut by 2% the displaced from Crimea and Donbass.

EXPERTS. Economists say that the budget is not better or worse than last year, and the content of individual articles of consumption depends on whether or not the Ministry managed itself “bargain”.

“The growth of payments to veterans will explain that added a lot of new combatants for participation in the Donbass, — says the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko. — But that reduced the costs of already minuscule benefits for refugees, said that the government does not seek to solve the problems of these people. Most SecState, as before, are underfunded as a very large defense spending (5% of GDP. — Ed.). As well as the grant of “communal” subsidize the payment zhilkomuslug, that is, the poor receive indirectly reduction of expenses.”

According to experts, the Cabinet proposed expenditure estimates are not final, members can increase spending on health care, social benefits and cut spending on government and power structures.