The most unusual hotels in the world and Ukraine: palaces made of salt and the houses of wagons in the style of the 50s

Where not only Lodge guests hoteliers: in the former water towers and trailers, prisons, and libraries, in caves and castles of ice, in trees and under water, in houses with ghosts, in the crater of the volcano and LEGO hotels, where even the elevators are integrated into the storyline of the popular toys.

For example, hotels in the style of LEGO so popular that soon there will be the seventh hotel game: it will be built in Dubai (first in middle East LEGO-hotel) in the territory of Dubai Parks and Resorts (the hotel is harmoniously located next to Legoland Dubai, in which more than 40 rides and attractions). A pleasure to relax in such places is not cheap: a night in the LEGOLAND Hotel in carlsbad (CA), built in 2013, will have to pay from $620. But in a world increasingly wonders hotel and travellers-fans to try out their delights for yourself. We have selected the most unusual places to lay your head, using materials of the portal TripAdvisor (the world’s largest travel site) and Client (information centre).


On Sipadan island in Malaysia built hotel Seaventures Dive Resort on a former oil platform. In 1988, she got a gift of some Suzette Harris. Businesswoman ennobled the tower as I could, had it towed to the Celebes sea and is used as a hotel for divers. It’s feature — complete privacy among the vast waters of the Indian ocean. And here you can dive under the water without leaving the hotel: just down the Elevator. The hotel rooms are turned tight, and the smell of oil ingrained forever, but divers are rife: the underwater world, you might say, under his feet. Costs from $180 per night.


Hotel Jumbo Stay (Stockholm, Sweden, from $137 per night) — not that other, as converted into economical (by European standards) hostel is a Boeing 747. Before he flew in part of parks airlines, and since 2002 serves as a haven for lovers of aviation budget (the idea) of travelers. The liner fit just 31 rooms, there are Deluxe equipped in the former cockpit, with a panoramic view of the airport Stockholm-Arlanda and the restaurant is in the cabin.


Palacio de Sal, he’s the salt Palace, located on the border with the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, at an altitude of about 3650 meters above sea level. The hotel built entirely of salt blocks on the furniture, walls, ceilings, floors and sculptures took more than a million. The hotel is on the edge of the world’s largest salt flat with an area of 10 582 square kilometers (dry lake bed) appeared in 2007. The Salar de Uyuni, as you know — important deposits of salt in Bolivia, a famous tourist Mecca. Night at the hotel costs $140.


The Americans made the hotel mobile homes-caravans in retro style 50s Airstream, divided into the Pacific coast in California, is 20 mobile trailers with kitchens, dining and all amenities. There are hammocks, black-and-white TV, bar on wheels and furniture of the time of President Eisenhower. The price of the room is $210.


Hotel 5* Al Maha Desert Resort 45 minutes from Dubai, but like 1000 km from civilization. This tents in the format of the Bedouin settlements in the sand dunes and grazing camels. The tent is designed in ethnic style, with crafts artisans. Available falconry and camel safaris. Each tent — pool. The price of luxury — from $770.


Her guests Arlau Amazon Towers make their way through the hanging bridges, because the hotel is a few wooden towers on the trunks of giant trees (at a height of 60 m). A restaurant, a conference hall, a tower for the couple “in Love with Tarzan.” And all in the exotic atmosphere of the Amazonian jungle, where the jumping monkeys, lots of iguanas, colorful birds and crocodiles. Among those who appreciate the natural beauty of many celebrities (bill Clinton, for example). Similar apartments above the ground there is in India at the Creek n Crag’s only has two rooms with bamboo and twine, but they — on the grounds of an old coffee plantation, surrounded by forest, and verandas overlook the watering hole. Costs $350.


Near Granada there is a complex of caves inhabited 700 years. Once they had taken refuge from the raids of the Muslims, and now 23 grotto mastered the Cuevas Pedro Antonio De Alarcn. Apartments carved into the clay cliffs (inside cool), a swimming pool, Solarium, Jacuzzi. Next — Sierra Nevada, medieval castle, the Racecourse. Costs $77.


The hotel Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida is a real miracle of engineering created in honor of the great science fiction writer Jules Verne, at a depth of about 7 m under water. For fans of extreme sports Paradise, even a metre in diameter portholes offer views not of the sea, and its underwater world. And, lying in bed, you can enjoy all sorts of sea monsters in anticipation of imminent immersion into full gear. Mangrove lagoon, parrot fish and Barracuda will be your neighbors for a night longer to stay here make sense and there is ($800).


It is hard to count how many hotels in the world had an opportunity to stay famous Explorer Mikhail Kozhuhovo — leading projects “In search of adventure” and “Around the world” travels the world for nearly 30 years. But, as admitted to us the President of “travel Club Michael Kozhuhova,” the vivid memories have left all of two incredible places where one day he was lucky enough to visit.

AT THE MARQUIS ‘ CASTLE. In France there is such a Department, room 17, it — Charente Maritime, where once lived the Marquis de Carabas. Writer Charles Perrault once met him in Paris, and as a result, the nobleman became the prototype of the hero of the famous fairy tale “the Master cat, or puss in boots”. So: lock this Carabas (La Roche Kurbon/Chateau de La Roche Courbon) survived for a long time stood beschasny, until it was bought by one Italian family. There are several rooms, equipped with the standard 5-star hotel. The only downside — no kitchen.

“When you stay overnight, the castle, that is the fence, lock it, leaving the guests alone. It so happened that I was there with Vladimir Krestovsky, a leader of the group “Uma Thurman”. It is fantastic to feel like the master of the castle, with all its dining rooms, huge tables, Marksovskiy utensils, ghosts (where they have some kind of a horse “grazing” on nights). And the castle is very real — with a moat, a Park, a stone like this, with spiral staircases and battlements. The feeling is incredible! Despite the fact that this is not some crazy money, the price is affordable to anyone who can afford the trip itself to France. For a week it is foolish to stay and spend the night — a wonderful experience. And when the morning comes, open the gate and bring Breakfast… feels almost Marquis de Carabas” jokes Casings.


  • Prisons turned into hotels

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF LIVINGSTONE. In Zambia, Victoria falls, a hotel Sussi & Chuma. That was the name of two of the natives, which was carrying a patient with malaria Livingstone (who lived in the XIX century, the Explorer of Africa. — Ed.) and then his body when the doctor died during the expedition. The hotel is built in National Park at such high pillars, between which (that is, essentially under you), elephants, flying all sorts of birds.

“Monkeys steal the Breakfast which you can enjoy. Room — incredibly comfortable heated mattresses, copper sinks, other attributes of luxury — says the traveler. More just shocked that next to the bed lay a book, and in it — note and envelope. It was a letter from the owners of the following content: we offer you one of our favorite books about Africa, I hope you will like it. If you don’t have time to read it to the end of the stay, please send it to us by post in the envelope attached. It’s so touching! The highest expression of customer focus. Yes, the room is expensive. But it is impossible all life to save themselves, in addition to the things that remain in memory. And throwing then some once the TV is broken, understand that those spent money do not mind, because the impressions with you forever.”

Mikhail Kozhukhov. More than any other he remembered the night in the castle Carabas, and the hotel in the trees in Zambia

YOUTH: ON THE MAT AND AT THE CEMETERY. Travelers-bloggers and online entrepreneurs Orest Tooth and Mar trotsuk travel spend at least 200 days a year and especially uniqueness for overnight stays are not looking for — appreciate the comfort. But the rich experience of moving an adventure in itself, so a few special places still come across:

“I recently visited East Africa, and the most extraordinary nights the place there was a small Guesthouse in the National Park. Queen Elizabeth in Uganda. Struck by the fact that we told them the night of the house on a step, there’s a lot of wild animals and the most dangerous — hippos. They come out of the water and digging in search of food, often attack people. By the way, these animals kill the most people in Africa, not lions or leopards,” say the guys.

IN JAPAN. Accidentally fall into an incredibly traditional room, like in samurai movies. Such a minimalism not seen anywhere else in the room was the tatami (mats on the floor), wall cupboard, from which are stretched mattresses for these tatami had a sliding door, almost cardboard walls.

SOUTH-EAST ASIA. “A dream to live in a wooden tree house at the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the surf. We also had such a dream, but after the first night in the Bungalow of Cambodia, we realized that it’s not so romantic when through a huge gap fly kusyuchie mosquitoes, the wind pushes the sand, and the toilet need to go down to the land, says Orestes. — After the second night robinsonesque in such conditions we moved over 200 m from the beach, in standard comfort conditions”. Two years ago a couple traveled to Taiwan and spent a week in a tea meditation center. It is a bunch of people love tea. Week woke up at dawn, meditated an hour lunch, 3 hours led to the discussion about tea again in the evening meditation…

SOUTH AMERICA. Last year on the way from Argentina to Chile, crossing the Andes, we stopped at the foot of mount Aconcagua (highest in the world outside of the Himalayas, 6900 m above sea level). The only place to camp was a camp of climbers: a place where before the ascent preparing your equipment sorted out things. “In the lowlands were dying from the heat and then the cold, put on all the clothes that were pressed close to each other to keep warm laughs Orestes. — By the way, the camp was located near the cemetery of climbers: the mountain regularly bore the dead.”

Travelers. Orest Zub and March trotsuk spent the night among the wild beasts and tea centre


Ukrainian hotels are not so spoil their guests with wonderful concepts, but try to surprise. A selection of the most original hotels of our country have done for us the head of the tourist project Igotoua Tatiana Smirnova.

HISTORY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. The hotel “History” in Polyanytsya village (Ivano-Frankivska region, 700 UAH/day) fully justifies its name: it is dedicated to different stages of development of our state. Each hotel room is decorated accordingly to a certain important period. For example, there are rooms “Tripoli”, “Scythia”, “Kievan Rus”, “Prince”, “the Cossacks”, “Ukrainian insurgent army”.

IN WIGWAMS. Indian village (Krasnyk Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, 620 UAH/day) — real boot camp of the North American Indians for those who since the childhood dreamed to live in these tents-tipis, like in the movies. Available Canoeing, fishing and American Lunches, it is possible to grill on an open fire.

TRANSPARENT AND VINTAGE. Modern Art Hotel (Lviv, 980 UAH/day) in the niche of sophistication and extravagance in the hotel business of Ukraine. It is located in a building that was built in the late NINETEENTH century, where once operated one of the first of the city’s cinemas. Films are available to this day, exactly as jazz concerts in the restaurant improvisation. The rooms are in the attic, and the ceilings are transparent: in the afternoon there is always a light and the night is romantic.

IN THE STYLE OF ETHNO. The complex of rural tourism “frumusica-Nova” is located right in the steppe of Odessa region. People come here to relax from the noisy and annoying city infrastructure, living in akkudah as the Bessarabian peasants of XIX — early XX centuries. There is a stylized hunter, huntsman, fisherman’s, and sheep farm (say, one of the largest in Europe) and natural sheep cheeses. During the night asking only 450 UAH.

The teepee. Almost like in the pampas