The Austrian foreign Minister made the lifting of sanctions against Russia in “any time”

Economic sanctions against Russia can be cancelled at any time after the fulfillment of certain conditions. This was stated by the OSCE Chairperson, Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

“If conditions are met, these measures in the economic sector can be withdrawn at any time by a unanimous decision of the 28 member States of the European Union,” he said.

According to him, the lifting of sanctions “associated with the full implementation of the Minsk agreements”.

Kurtz noted that relations between the European Union and Russia “have always been complex and interesting, after the annexation of the Crimea and critical of Russia’s role in Eastern Europe” relations between Moscow and the EU in 2014 moved “to a new and particularly difficult phase”.

Kurtz is located in Moscow, where on 18 January he met with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. As said following the talks, Russian foreign Minister, the dialogue between Russia and Austria, “despite the difficult situation on the European continent is advancing steadily” and is based on the principles of “mutual respect and mutual benefit”.