Democrats fear that the effect of the Russian scandal is negative

Aliso Viejo, CA — within the Democratic party, increasingly, there is disagreement on the question of how active one should emphasize on the issue of possible collusion between the electoral headquarters of the trump and Russia.

Fearing to scare off voters, which is much more interested in the economy and health care, democratic candidates in many States are trying to do in their campaigns focus on the Russian question. Some of them even warn that preoccupation with the problem of collusion can hit most of the Democratic party.

“In those districts where I work, the voters, in my opinion, I believe that Russian is an important question and the answer is necessary — said at a political conference last weekend, political consultant bill Burton (Bill Burton), a long time supporting the Democrats. — However, they have had enough and want politicians to have more say about things that are directly important for everyday life.”

Political consultant Democratic party Sragow Darry (Darry Sragow), which produces the Bulletin of the California Target Book, which evaluates the progress of election campaigns in the key for the attempts of the Democrats to regain control of the House of representatives of the state, called Russia a “distraction”. In his opinion, the Democrats will be “in big trouble if they don’t do what bothers voters.”

“We need to talk about what people think when they Wake up in the morning, and this is clearly not Russia, — says Sragow. — When we talk about things that seriously don’t care about voters in everyday life… this confirms that the brain of the Democratic party eaten by Washington elites, for many years fatten until the working people in America lose their jobs and confidence in the future.”

Public opinion polls show that trump’s ties with Russia cause the electorate deep suspicion. However, according to the same poll, voters are tired of the months-long investigation of possible collusion between the election headquarters of the President and Russian. According to published in this week’s poll Quinnipac University, 63% of American voters believe that Moscow interfered in the elections of 2016. In addition, according to published last month a joint study of Politico and company Morning Consult, more than half of voters believe that Donald Trump Jr. was to meet with the associated with the Russian authorities by counsel.

However, the majority of respondents surveyed by Politico and Morning Consult, believe that Congress should not attempt to impeach trump. And according to an earlier survey conducted by Harvard and by Harris Poll, nearly two-thirds of American voters believe the investigation into the Russian connections trump is bad for the country.

These poll results remind some Democrats on the year 1998, when the Republicans, according to a widely accepted point of view, was overly fond of scandal around Monica Lewinsky (Monica Lewinsky) and eventually lost in the midterm elections five seats in the House of representatives.

“Of course, nobody knows how it ends and how it will affect the electorate of the report of the independent investigator, says a former adviser to bill and Hillary Clinton mark Penn (Mark Penn), the steering joint project of Harvard and Harris Poll. — However, now it seems to me that the topic of health gives the Democrats much more than the topic of Russia… the danger is that again the 98th year since the Republicans talking about specific issues, and the Democrats too are addicted to negative arguments”.

Investigation of possible conspiracy with Russia seems the Democrats a winning theme in connection with the seriousness of the accusations themselves, and because of an outcry trump. In addition, the events gives the opportunity for democratic candidates for Congress to tie in the eyes of voters with the failures of trump’s current Republican congressmen — including those who generally supported the investigation.

Brian Flynn (Brian Flynn), one of the democratic opponents of a new York Congressman John Faso (John Faso), said: “This story from Russia, of course, does not make voters think that John Faso to her personally involved… However, she demonstrates that the Republicans betrayed those who voted for them, and thus we use”.

While Flynn says: “I don’t talk about it too much… by Themselves, the fight with trump and the fight against corruption will not bring us victory.”

Hans Kiersted (Hans Keirstead), one of the Democrats who threw the challenge in California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Dana Rohrabacher), notes that Russia is “not a theme… and an introductory part.” Although Rorabaker fiercely advocates on Capitol hill in defense of Russia, according to Kirsted, “it only shows that he pays too much attention to the things that are not related to the problems of his district.”

Nevertheless, the Russian question and an endless stream of related news are actively exploited by many Democrats. On Thursday evening the criticism of the Congressman-Republican Michael Burgess (Michael Burgess) on one of meetings with voters in Texas began to ask him questions about trump’s ties with Russia, and California Democrat Doug applegate (Doug Applegate) has called for Twitter to Congressman-Republican Darrell Issa (Darrell Issa) “trompowsky poodle”.

Earlier this week, several hundred activists in orange County, which runs Rorabaker gathered in the gym to play a game called “Who said it — Dane or Putin?”

Before the event the democratic Congressman Ted Liu (Ted Lieu) said: “I think a lot will depend on the outcome of the investigation… nothing is Yet clear. This may be for voters tertiary issue, and may paramount — if a conspiracy is found or someone will be formally charged”.

Later, Liu told the crowd: “a Curious fact: the first item presented to the Nixon charges were obstruction of justice”.

Consultant Democratic party Scott Simpson (Scott Simpson), working on a number of campaigns in different States, I doubt the topic will scare away voters or hurt the prospects for Democrats in the midterm elections. However, he adds that voters are “not configured on this wave” and that health is more important.

Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom), who is running for Governor, spoke in the program Morning Joe on MSNBC channel active. This topic is “nothing comes from Democrats… it is absolutely losing,” he said.

Many Democrats doubt the importance of the Russian question for the election campaign, not only because of the intricate nature of the investigation and isolation from the daily problems of voters. The fact that, according to Washington consultant of the Democratic party on issues of mass media Rogero Colin (Colin Rogero), the majority of voters who believe a possible conspiracy with Russia an important issue, link this problem with trump, not with congressmen.

As for the congressional Republicans, their Russian question — unlike the question on health care — almost don’t care. Many of them after trump is called, all associated with the investigation, “fake news”.

“The Democrats forgot the words to O’neill (Tip O’neill), one of the smartest people in the history of their party, who said that “politics is local,” says Dave Hilliard (Dave Gilliard), political consultant California four candidates from the Republican party — congressmen Jeff Deneme (Jeff Denham), Mimi Walters (Mimi Walters), Issa and ed Royce (Ed Royce). — The topic is very far from the voter… If you go out and ask hundreds of passers-by, what is the issue they care about, I’m sure no one will even mention Russia.”

The Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul (Rand Paul) last month, has called the investigation a “witch hunt”, and the Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence Devin Nunes (Devin Nunes) said that Washington should stop “chasing Russian ghosts in the closet.”

Even Rorabaker which looks the most vulnerable to anti-Russian sentiments from members of Congress, says that what is happening doesn’t care. After becoming famous said a year ago — apparently a joke — the words of the majority leader in the House of representatives Kevin McCarthy (Kevin McCarthy) that the Russian President probably pays the Trump, then former presidential candidate, and Rohrabacher, the Congressman said that he last month was photographed with McCarthy at the party Congress — and both of them were holding cocktails “Moscow mule”.

“In my opinion, to determine who will control the House of representatives, there will be questions about health care and tax reform, says Rohrabacher. The Republicans are making a huge mistake when they began to promise to do something for a hundred days. It is absolutely not realistic.”

Speaking about Russia, Rohrabacher said: “the issue of voters don’t care. At least in my County it is, and I think that is true all over the country.”

The Congressman reported this, going to the beach, where they were to pass, meet and greet, which was dedicated to the detection of sharks, capable, in his opinion, to benefit the swimmers on the coast.

“In my opinion, such things impress people much more than reasoning about what the Russians are as evil and dangerous as during the cold war, said Rohrabacher. I am sure these elections and is convinced that Russia will not be on their main theme”.