The long-awaited rains and warming weather forecast: weather for the week

Ukrainians in the next few days expect rainy and cool weather. Thus, the temperature of the air in the next few days will fluctuate in the range of 5-8 degrees above zero. Next week, as forecasters predict Ukrhidroenerho, there will be significant warming up to 15-17 degrees Celsius.

The weather forecast for a week

On Saturday, April 22, in the West, the North, East and center of Ukraine rain is expected. In the South – partly cloudy. Relatively cold weather, according to weather forecasts, will be this day in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Here, the temperature in the afternoon will rise only to the level of 5-8 degrees Celsius, and at night expected warming to two degrees Celsius.

On the West of the country the air warms to 7-10 degrees in the center – from 5 to 8 degrees. At the same time in the southern regions is expected warming up to 10 degrees in the afternoon. In Donetsk region the temperature, according to the forecast Ukrhidroenerho, will fluctuate in the range of 7-9 degrees above zero. In the North the air warms up to 8-10 degrees.

Forecast on April 22. Photo: Reuters

On Sunday rains will be across all Ukraine. Thus on the South and East will rise to 10-12 degrees Celsius. In the centre and in the capital, the thermometer will reach elevations of 9-11 degrees. On the North and West – from 7 to 11 degrees above zero.

Forecast for April 23. Photo: Reuters

The rains will not stop and in the beginning of next week. Light rain on Monday is expected throughout the country. In the West the day will warm up to 8-11 degrees above zero, in the East the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 9-11 degrees, and on the North from 7 to 10 degrees above zero days.

In Kyiv is expected warming up to 12 degrees. Night frosts are expected in all regions, except for Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa.

The forecast for April 24. Photo: Reuters

The warming, according to the forecast Ukrhidroenerho will come on Tuesday, April 25. On this day in the South will warm up to 17 degrees in the East and in the centre – up to 15 degrees, and West to 12-14 degrees above zero. The rains will be held in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Poltava regions and in the West and North of the country.

National weather forecast

22 APR revered the memory of the Holy Martyr Vadim, архbмандрита, informs a portal “Weatherman”. In the old days from that day began, the cattle in the field. The peasants had a tradition of April 22 to get around the springs and keys and to say “Underground water, otmechaem you the way springtime.” Our ancestors noticed that we can expect a dry summer, if that day is not yet established stable warm weather.

April 23 is celebrated the day of memory of the Holy martyrs Terence, Pompe and others. This day in ancient times watched the sun: “If the sun rise red in the mist – the year will be profitable. If rolled out from behind the mountain – I have to plow da field of winter sowing arowanas”. At this time, reveals buds in pear, oak. Sprout daffodils, crocuses, and early and warm spring can bloom.

24 APR revered the memory of the Holy Martyr Antipas, Bishop of Pergamon-Asia. Antipas was called Polevoda and said: “Antip water dissolved”, “Antip without water (cold) – bins without grain (summer bad)”. Our ancestors said: “if to this day the water was opened, the spring is late and summer is a bad stand”. If the morning frost, and the day the snow has gone, then another month will be cold. On this day the bear comes out of the den.

25 APR revered the memory of the Holy Martyr Basil the Confessor, Bishop Parijskij. From that day on it becomes much warmer, the earth warms, dries, so the people said “Basil the earth floats”. Our ancestors watched willow: if she to this day fluffed – severe cold will be gone. 25 APR massively flying bees, flying bees. Out of the burrows of foxes.

26th of April is the commemoration day of the Holy Martyress Thomaida of Egypt. The people Thomaida considered ukrotiteli passions. Our ancestors watched the selection of birch SAP: birch if I had a lot of juice, it was thought that the summer will be rainy. At this time see the first spring flowers (in the warm spring appear earlier), green raspberry.

We will remind, last week the result of a sharp cooling in the number of schools declared holidays. In Poltava, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv, the local authorities decided to renew the heating season. In the South, East and some areas of Central Ukraine, the snow fell. So, in Zaporozhye for days had almost monthly norm of precipitation. According Ukrhidroenerho, due to frost may be lost a third of the crop of apricots and cherries.