The most magical place on Earth: the river Chinatown

Enchanted river Hinatuan (Hinatuan Enchanted River) in Mindanao is one of the most mysterious phenomena of nature. It is a mystical place with its shimmering, crystal clear blue waters, shrouded in legends and folklore. The fact that the transparent water, whose dimensions more closely resemble a pool, at first glance, appears out of nowhere.


There are many versions, where is the source of this river, which flows into the Pacific ocean. The most probable seems the theory that water circulation meets the hidden underwater cave system. If you look at the pictures, you can see that river terrace is immersed in the dark blue abyss 25 meters deep.


The water in the river Chinatown so transparent that it seems as if floating in her people soar through the air, and the surface is so smooth that looks made of glass. Local fishermen report if you see fish in the river but never can catch her.


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