The inferiority of the Slavs from the point of view of Anglo-Saxon superiority and pangermanism

Many of those who worked in Western countries, argue that it is clear there is a kind of arrogance of the local population towards foreigners, or rather — to people from Eastern Europe, and in General for all the Slavs. There are also those who generally did not go anywhere, but in all steps, statements and actions of the West clearly sees his arrogance towards the world of the Slavs.

Of course, opponents may argue that all this is purely subjective perception. So let’s look at the problem objectively, from the point of view of the scientist. Namely, Mr Victor Timur, which is engaged in philosophy of history and published several books on the subject. Mr. Timur writes:

“For the West Slavs still defective and needs to serve him. The West has always applied to the Slavs, unfriendly and intolerant. Therefore, we must finally understand that our character and our interests are at odds with the West.

The basic principle of life of the West is of expansion, aggression and parasitism on the wealth of the defeated and enslaved peoples. On this the West still profited. The slogans of freedom, sovereignty, humanity and human rights is just a red herring that conceals the aggression and expansion. And all of this is led by the United States. Now the implementation of this principle of life in the West difficult. The West is faced with problems and crisis. So it was intensifying its aggressiveness, frequent attempts at expansion. And again mainly to the East.

The Slavs have always been alien to Western principles of life and existence. Slavic principle of life is not based on expansion, aggression and parasitism on material resources and natural wealth of the enslaved peoples, but on their own labor.

But the more the social system in the West is disintegrating, the more to invest in expansive and repressive tools. Professional, that is hired, the army can win a marginal battle, but they will not win the war because to prevent the destruction of a decaying society can not even numerous cordons of special forces”.

Mr Timur’s historian, which deals with the ancient history of the Slavs, also claims that the story is taught in schools to our children, purposefully distorted and is pangermanic version of the real story. It was created in order to fit the political forces and the interests of the West.

I’ll give a concrete example, confirming the words of Lord Timur. I mean the so-called Frankish merchant Samo, who allegedly United the Slavs, and laid the foundations of the great Moravian Empire. Thus, we, the Slavs, metaphorically given to understand that we ourselves were never able to rule, and that to unite us and to rule us could only people from the West.

In our history, and in our modern times it is clear there is a desire to suppress, diminish and even ridicule everything that does not correspond to the Western idea of superiority and exclusivity or is not consistent with the political interests of the West.

Media playing a crucial role in the formation of public opinion, are under the control of the Western owners and so we dutifully spread their propaganda. Also the imperious claims of the West are subject to the public media that provide airtime to those who belittles and denigrates all of our private and national, highlighting, primarily European, and generally Western.

Thus, the media extol all that is to the West of us. Conversely, the media demonize all that is in the East. After all, there is a large Slavic Empire of evil! But in fact, most of its great sin is that she refuses to acknowledge the superiority of the West and not allow to plunder and to plunder the country, in contrast to the Central European vassals.

About Russia and Russian can argue a lot. For example, we can recall the Russian mafia or Russian vodka, which they obivoulsy. Yes, Russians are not perfect and make many mistakes. But no matter what, they have something extremely valuable, something that other Slavic peoples was nearly lost.

They have pride! They are proud that they are Russians and that they were Slavs! They have pride, that is the quality that is in sharp contrast to the mentality of slaves, which made us and continues to transform the Western propaganda.

Unfortunately, today such miserable slaves and servants without a drop of self-pride is the vast majority of our young people, admiring the West with all its opportunities that it offers. However, the depth and the essence of this lie many centuries ago discovered Aesop in one of his fables.

The wolf met a fairly well-fed Dog and asked him how he became so big and fat. “Man gives me food,” said the Dog.

“What’s that on your neck?” — asked the Wolf.

“This is the trace of an iron collar, which the owner puts on me, landing on the chain”.

Wolf grinned and said, “I’d rather starve than to sit on the circuit. Freedom I wouldn’t trade for any price!”

And exactly the same is happening with our youth and with everyone else who goes to the West. Whether they are for the best work, the big money they can earn, or for a higher standard of living. And even though all they get, they are essentially always be only well-fed dogs, which the owners tied in his yard.

They will forever remain inferior, and will graciously throw the scraps from the master’s table. This abundance — the result of parasitism on their own labour and the labour of their fathers and mothers working at home for meager wages in slave-like barracks, owned by Western owners. And parents work more and for a much lower salary, unlike the employees of those same firms in the same positions in the West.

Where is our pride, the Slavs? Have we traded it on a full belly and leftovers from the master’s table, that throw us to our slave owners? Not if we sell the pride of Judah for thirty pieces of silver, thereby only confirming in the eyes of the slaveholders their theories about our inferiority?

Is it really defective the one who is able to work hard? Who is not aggressive? Who in their inner essence never wanted to live in luxury? In luxury, which is the result of their labor, and parasitism in the other?

But this man is not defective! On the contrary, it is much more valuable! Because ultimately it doesn’t matter who from the West and the East! Ultimately it is only important who what a man! As far as he is decent! What values recognize! If he relies on the fruits of their labor and whether naively trusts others, or, on the contrary, this man is living in prosperity, which neither he nor his fathers or grandparents do not deserve their own labor. However, this man with the stolen well-being looks at others as inferior.

Stupid and ridiculous to divide people into those who are from the West, and those from the East. Actually people can be divided only into good and not so good. Valuable and less valuable. That is, those who thinks and acts at the scale of human values and constructive lives, and for those who thinks and acts differently, that is, destructive, parasitic on others.

However, any destruction in the end will inevitably harm the one who makes her bet. And that’s exactly what the mindset of the Western world, morally and mentally destructive, slowly begins to turn into a real destruction, real decay of a society that abandoned the universal and constructive spiritual values.

Who fights with a sword, that he will inevitably perish! And he will die in order to free the way for those who are in spiritual and value the relationship more constructive. Those who better! Those who are spiritually more healthy! Who have higher values!

The current expansion of the Western world, which was preceded by internal, moral, values and spiritual decay, it really can’t prevent no army of mercenaries or special forces.

So the mighty Empire of the West, standing on feet of clay unconstructive values, slowly but surely collapses and frees up space before the oppressed Slavs, who are the bearers of much more healthy and constructive values from the point of view of true humanity.

But instead to understand the true causes of the current situation and refocus on the best, the West is becoming more and more aggressive and oppressive. Integrated model of behavior is not so easy to change. As they say, a horse that’s gonna die in desperate kicks. And this moribund horse wants to further tighten the world into a new major war with Russia.

The Slavs, let us raise our heads! Let us respect ourselves, because if we ourselves are not going to respect the others too, would not have to respect us!

The Slavs, let us give at least tacit resistance to the arrogant West, which, despite our protests, it continues to feed us low quality products. Products that are packaged the same, however, as diametrically different in the West and in the East.

Let’s think about pride, and not going to buy them! Better we buy our own products! After all, who is not able to appreciate your own much higher quality products, he really deserves to be fed garbage.

Including the TV or opening a newspaper, let’s recognize that they are tools of Western propaganda, because they have Western owners. Let’s finally stop believing what we are told! Let’s stop to admire the uniqueness of the West, under the protection of which we are supposed to stay forever, because I’ll never be able to be independent!

A thousand times repeated propaganda lie about our inferiority to many of our brothers became true! The truth is imposed on us that anybody never and did not occur to rise up and free themselves from subordination to the West. That is why the Slavs especially the quarrel. That is why turning them against Russia.

Let us finally realize all the lies, brothers, and come to your senses!