How to get a tax refund for the funds given to charity

“Constantly help small charities and volunteer organizations for various causes. This aid money, and a one-time purchase of necessary equipment (computers) and equipment/used furniture. I heard that people who do charity can claim a tax refund (plan to put that amount back in blagotvoritelnosti). What is the procedure?” — Igor Vorotyntsev, Kiev.

Galina Khomenko, Director, People Advisory Services at EY:

“People who give to charity may qualify for a tax rebate. Really need to make a donation (property) or to make a charitable contribution solely non-profit organization that on the date of transfer of money or transfer of property made in the register of non-profit organizations, statutory documents and activities which meet the requirements of the Tax Code (which is not always possible). If the conditions for granting tax credits run, you will need to collect copies of legal documents confirming the status of the organization, to attach copies of the contract on the donation of the payment receipt with a clear indication of purpose of payment, documents confirming the value of the contributed assets (non-cash donations), other documents confirming the actual costs incurred.


  • What is the tax refund and how you can get back some of the money given to the state

It does not matter how often made donations, the calculation is carried out for the year, and the return may be in the amount not exceeding 4% of the total taxable income of the taxpayer for the year. So, if a patron with a salary of 30 thousand UAH. monthly donates 1 thousand, i.e. 3% of the total annual income, the state will return to him the thousand hryvnias. When philanthropists understand how many documents they have to collect, as a rule, refuse to return. But if we are talking about significant amounts, then it makes sense.

It is worth remembering that for the tax credit may claim a resident of Ukraine, who officially employed (because the return of a part paid by his employer for income tax is calculated from official salary “gross”), have the registration number of taxpayer card”.