How the environment shapes child’s temperament

Temperament is the individual characteristics of each person, shaping the flow of his mental processes and behaviour, agility, activity, quickness or slowness of reactions. Children who grow up in harsh environmental conditions, at the age of two years show a high level of perseverance, courage, and activity, and to four years sufficiently proficient in the ability to solve problems for a fee, writes

However, regardless of the communication conditions of life and upbringing, lack of motivation, a challenge for the baby, not solved.

“The results of our study confirm that the environment (not only climate, but also the environmental situation and people’s behavior in certain conditions) in combination with the temperament of the child, form the cognitive function of the Central nervous system, adapting it to the proposed conditions of life,” says Jennifer Suor, lead author of the study “child psychology and psychiatry”.

The insights of psychologists also confirm that the evolutionary approach to the development of children will allow to understand the importance of adaptation in the learning process.