Smigel needs to understand the responsibility for the international obligations of Ukraine on the development of renewable energy – expert

Ukraine has the EU Directive on renewable energy sources and environmental issues

Ukraine has a list of obligations to the international partners for the decarbonization of the economy and sustainable development of green energy that need to be respected and implemented.

This was during the expert online discussion “Reform of the electricity market at stake?” said the President of DiXi Group, Elena Pavlenko, writes “Politeka”.

“Ukraine has a lot of international commitments for the decarbonization of the economy. That should be enough to demand from the new government to respect these commitments and to continue the policy of decarbonization. Must be leaders who will contribute to the development of decarbonization of the energy,” she said.

“Ukraine has to 10 EU directives relating to renewable energy and environmental issues. We also have a new Directive in the Association Agreement, Paris agreement. All that was signed. The government now need to begin to implement and execute all such agreements and directives” – said the President of DiXi Group.

According to her, the government could only suggest how to do it. Thus it is necessary to move forward and discuss how to integrate the “Green agreement” of the EU, as it was under the previous government.

We will remind, on may 15 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine took place the meeting of the head of the government with market players and professional associations, representing investors from USA, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Spain, France and other countries. According to market players, the negotiations were constructive and brought the parties to a balanced agreement, which is expected to agree next week.

Earlier acting Minister of energy Olga Buslovich said that in the near future Minemakers will resume talks with investors in renewable energy projects, and the Ministry in the week to turn out a draft Memorandum for discussion. It is expected that the Memorandum would spell out the terms of the restructuring of “green tariff”, the construction of new stations and other provisions for the sustainable development of the sector.