Scientists found in the brain, “button” slimming

Specialists of the Institute of biomedical research Monash University (Australia) found in the brain, “switch”, which activates fat burning. An unusual chain of nerve cells in the brain causes the fat cells temporarily to work on the storage and burning of excess calories after a meal, according to the website

The study was conducted in the framework of the program “Metabolic disease and obesity.” Experiments in mice have shown that nutrition control fat burning, that is, turns the formation of white cells, which store energy, brown, of which she consumed.


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Biologists have shown that after eating the brain responds to circulating insulin, which increases after the increase in the level of glucose in the blood. He then sends signals to stimulate fat burning and energy expenditure. These processes help to prevent obesity and serious weight loss.

Two opposite processes in the brain are controlled by the mechanism-switch, which is activated during starvation and inhibits the insulin response, and after eating forcing cells to expend energy. People with overweight this switch simply does not work. The energy is accumulated and not consumed.