In Finland’s opinion about an experiment with basic income has changed for the better

In the spring of life smiled at the resident of Vantaa the World Askari (Mira Jaskari). She got a night job part-time paper girl in Turku and moved there. Turku is already living her friend, so finding a job there seemed a rare stroke of luck.

World Askari was among the unemployed who participated in the two-year experiment in the payment of an unconditional basic income. One of the objectives of the experiment is to determine whether a basic income employment temporary work or work part-time. Basic income is paid regardless of whether the person receives salary.

Working day of four hours and a half seemed Askari perfect. A full-time job in may would be too heavy for girls suffering from depressive disorders.

It was difficult to work and everything had to be done very quickly, however, the World was able to receive from work pleasure: “Going to bed, I saw him waking up. Could enjoy the sunrise and morning silence.”

The joy of a new place did not last long: the girl suddenly started having panic attacks, which the employer is not happy, quite the contrary. When the World was released from the hospital, she was fired. By the time she has not yet passed the probationary period.

“Dismissal is, of course, was an unpleasant moment. I was devastated, as were preparing hard for and thought that everything will work out,” says Mira.

Now she will first try to establish your sleep: “some days I feel just awful, while others think that life plays all the colors. It is very volatile”.

The world began to visit in Turku a new therapist, and intends at all costs to continue working with him over the situation.

“Fortunately, now there are people who support me and are forced to move on, she says. — It’s time to take action, never give up”.

Awaiting response from the tax

“You really want to be back in the ranks of ordinary taxpayers”, — firmly says Juha järvinen (Juha Järvinen) from Kurikka. The new company, which he founded, included in the Trade register, but now he have to wait again.

“Treading water, he says. — I have a few months waiting for confirmation from the tax on inclusion in the registers of VAT and advance tax. Because of this, it impedes everything else.”

To Jarvinen had already sent orders, but he was forced to withdraw because it cannot issue invoices on behalf of the company.

The young man has a debt on payment of taxes, although he does not recognize it and said tax, and also trying to obtain compensation for damages.

“The tax is the information that I allegedly worked in 2011, and advance deductions are made. But in 2011, my company went bankrupt, so that year I didn’t work,” he says. “I purely out of interest applied for obtaining start-up capital, but, as I expected, it was declined — because of the debt on payment of taxes. The second reason was notes in credit history.”

According to Juha järvinen, Finland there are too many obstacles to start a business. It is particularly surprising that the greatest challenge for business is not the choice of the entrepreneur strategy, and this is a slow bureaucratic machine.

An intense summer

The residents of the city of Vaasa Marin this summer is very busy. The city gave her a summer job, and output it a little. The task of Marin is to help people suffering from drug abuse or mental disorders, to cope with daily chores and to socialize.

This job she found through his study: younger girl is studying to be a nurse.

“The studies are going great. Since February, apart from teaching, I worked in a private kindergarten,” she says.

For some time she worked in two places at once: the day passed labor practices in elementary school and in the evenings she was changing in kindergarten.

“The school time is short, so I had a great time at the evening work. It was a good time,” says Marin.

Suitable now any work

Marin changed her mind about the experiment with a basic income and no longer refers to it is skeptical: “Now, when I started working, I think that’s a good idea. I can work part time without losing basic income. Certainly undertake any work, — she says happily. — I couldn’t afford to go to work in kindergarten, and then the money would not be enough.”

At this time, the Marin classmates are forced to wrestle with is whether to take on a temporary job or get a part-time basis.

“I think if a basic income was used wider, it would have a positive influence on employment,” suggests the girl.

Shamanic drums and landscape photography

Juha järvinen doesn’t do nothing. He is actively involved in several projects.

Juha is preparing an exhibition of shamanic drumming, which will be held in Norway. In addition, he was asked to hold a course on the manufacture of such drums.

“Means I have quite a few, so will have to think about how to get there. But still need to buy materials” — thoughtfully he says.

Have järvinen and another project, which he now dedicates a lot of time — a series of concerts called “healthy forests, Healthy mountain.” The concerts will take place in national parks on the Day of Finnish nature is celebrated in August. Jarvinen is now busy with the shooting of an advertising roller with which it is planned to organize national funding.

“More than enough,” he says.

Cycling and exploring the city

World Askari plans slowly again to take up the search for work. Preferable for office work, work in the food industry or bakery. By education she is a specialist in the field of financial management and has a bachelor’s degree in the field of hotel and restaurant business and catering.

Askari also considering options to work with training: at the time she left to study to be a Baker and now I would like to bring the case to the end.

Turku she likes it here close to nature and the sea. World enjoy exploring a new city while traveling on the bike.

“Feel the speed, feel free. When riding a bike, don’t think about your problems. It is very relaxing, she smiles. — Most importantly — move on.”

After the interview Juha järvinen received good news: his company is now listed in all the registries. After six years of unemployment, he once again officially became an entrepreneur.