Not the character, is crazy: seven of the most harmful signs of the zodiac

There are people with whom you want to meet, communicate. There are those of the individual which avoiding by any means – so they have bad nature. And there are just mean – they’re not so bad, but have certain habits that characterize them not with the best hand. Someone gets offended at every little thing someone won’t stop talking, and someone requires a lot of attention. Sometimes bad people themselves cannot explain why they behave, according to

So, the main drawback of Lviv is a need for attention. “Praise and love me everything!” – the motto is suitable for men of this sign. Especially hard for spouses of lions: married these men recognize only the Patriarchy, and the family they are to be kings.

Sagittarius men in General – a very positive sign. However, it often manifests itself with a not very good side. So, Archers derive many of their unreliability. To promise a lot of things and do nothing, to borrow money and not return, do not hand over in time the job – that’s what “failures” are in the behaviour of archers.

Conversation with the Cancer is like a mine field: one wrong word and you are already in the black list. Cancer really is one of the most touchy signs of the Zodiac. And the pout he could for some strange reason, for example, misinterpreted the joke. So communication with Cancers of the pleasant is not exactly call.


  • Diseases zodiac signs: Aquarius you need to listen to the back, but to the internal “toad” – not very

Man-Aquarius picky in the sense that he always needs something new. He won’t eat soup twice in a row, wear the same jacket two seasons, more than a year to stay at any position and to spend a lifetime with one woman. Most Aquarius do not like the diversity in his life. But others, especially the beloved men of this sign suffer from such variability.

The stereotypical image of a psychotic women, beating the dishes, it was written probably with the Rams. When the representative of this sign is naughty, better prudent to hide all the glass in the house, and to wear a helmet – too Aries emotional. For women Aries is the normal thing to slap your man, if he somehow touches. However, she does not feel wrong, and in response to the question about which sign is the most harmful, it will call any representative of the zodiacal circle but itself.

The main mash of the world of the zodiac are the Twins. They have not run out of things to talk about, their mouths are simply not closed. In principle, there is nothing wrong (not counting the headache that could cause an endless chirping of Twins). But at some point, for women it’s important not just to tell something, and to teach others. When she starts to distribute the tips you understand the degree of harm the Twins.

Dreamer-Pisces seem so harmless lassies. But it is their wool-gathering causes conflict with people. To free up time for their fantasies, the Fish easily get away with responsibilities and shift them onto someone’s shoulders (her husband or colleagues – here on the circumstances). I must say, this drawback is not so serious, at least in the “What sign is the most harmful?” Fish is definitely not the first place.