Ideas for relaxation: the most interesting lake in Ukraine

During summer vacation the water becomes very relevant, regardless of whether it is on vacation or weekends in the country. Many Ukrainians prefer to relax by the sea, some prefer to bathe in mountain rivers. But there is another no less interesting option is to spend time on the lake.

“Today” chose several lakes, on the shore where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful views.

Lake Svityaz, Volyn oblast

The Lake Svityaz. Photo:

Lake Svityaz is one of the Shatsk lakes and over 30 ponds. Svityaz is the largest and deepest lake in Ukraine. It has an area of 26.2 sq. km and has a maximum depth of 58.4 m. In Sunny weather, the water can be seen a few meters. Approximately in the center of the lake there is a small island.

The lake water is very clean because it is a part of Shatsk national natural Park, and next to it there are no significant sources of pollution. This place is very popular among tourists. On the lake there are beaches, although in many places the forest comes almost to the water’s edge. Near the lake are many cottages and resorts.

Lake Synevyr, Zakarpatska oblast

Lake Synevyr. Photo:

Synevyr – the largest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians. It is located in Mizhhiria region, Zakarpattia region and is part of the National Park “Synevyr”. The reservoir is located at an altitude of 989 meters above the sea level. Its area is 5 hectares and a maximum depth of 24 m. because Of this, even in the warmest days warmed only one or two of the upper meter of water.

The lake water is very clean and clear, but cold. Take a dip in it. In the center of the pond is a small island and is surrounded by a dense coniferous forest.

On the banks of the Sinevir can not only relax in beautiful surroundings, but also to hear the many stories and legends. According to one, clear water of the lake is the tears cried out the young Blue, the longing for the beloved veer. On the lake there is a wooden sculpture depicting two lovers.

Lake Nesamovyte, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Lake Nesamovyte. Photo:

Nesamovyte is one of the highest lakes in the Ukrainian part of the Carpathians. It is situated at an altitude of 1750 m above sea level and is part of Carpathian national Park. The lake is shallow (1-1. 5 m), but big – its length is 88 m, width – 45 m.

Nesamovyte freezes in the winter, and in the warm time of year is overgrown with sedge. Interestingly, the lake does not fish, but there are toads, and newts rakopodobny.

According to popular belief, if in the lake to throw stones or take a dip in the mandatory rain. Like it or not, you can check just try. However, the interest of tourists reflects badly on the state of the lake. Due to the large amount of garbage and cutting down trees, the ecosystem suffers Nesamovyte.

Lake Sivash, Kherson oblast

Salt on the shore of lake Syvash. Photo:

Siwash is a system of shallow bays on the Western shore of the Azov sea. The area of the reservoir is 2,500 sq km and the depth is small – about 0.5-3 m. the Water is pink in color, but in the summer very warm and emits a putrid smell because of what it called the Rotten sea. But the composition of the water in the lake unique is its salinity reaches 260 ‰. In summer, the lake shores are covered by a layer of salts.

The brine and mud of the Sivash are used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases and strengthen the body as a whole.

Lake Yalpug, Odessa oblast

Lake Yalpug. Photo:

Yalpug is the largest natural freshwater lake in Ukraine. The pond is in the group of the Danubian lakes. It has an area of 149 sq km and a maximum depth of 5.5 m. the Underground sources of lake originate in the village of Cahul in Moldova.

In winter the lake freezes and in summer the water is well heated. Moreover, the lake is rich in fish – it is found more than 40 species of crabs there. The main problem of the reservoir – in the past, the lake is often polluted with fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture in Moldova. In recent years the situation has improved.

Blue lake, Chernihiv oblast

The blue lake. Photo:

In fact Blue lake is flooded career on the development of quartz sand. Due to its residue on the bottom of the water in the lakes is turquoise color. The reservoir itself is located in a pine forest, in most parts of the beach – friendly beaches.

This place is very popular among tourists, especially if you go here for a few days with a tent. There are also recreation facilities with fully equipped infrastructure.

Shelekhov lake, Sumska oblast

Shelekhov the lake. Photo:

Shelekhov the lake has an ancient history. According to scientists, it was formed during the ice age. Today this lake is a hydrological natural monument of national importance. The lake area is 0.07 square km.

The water is always cold and very clean, and the lake is surrounded by dense forest. But remember – the lake is in a remote area, so getting to it may not be easy.