How to save cucumber harvest: experienced gardeners suggest to change the tradition of the landing of

Unfortunately, spring 2017 not pleasing us with favorable conditions for plants. Early warmth was replaced by several waves of cruel frosts that caused significant damage to fruit trees and early vegetables sown and planted in the open ground. Many complain of the missing cucumbers. How to get to the table their own pumpkin, we were told the owner of the kennel “Melnitsa” Alexander Melnik and experienced woman from Zhitomir Nelly Lupinus.


Growing seedlings of cucumbers, squash and pumpkins, you need to remember that the age of the plants before planting — 2 to 3 weeks. From pumpkin crops very quickly increases the volume of the root system, therefore optimal for cucumber grown under 3 weeks is the pot to 0.4—0.5 l Mug of this age, and even liter pot will not be large. Known method of growing cucumber seedlings in-shell chicken eggs can be applied only if plant the plants with the first true leaf. If you use peat cups before transplanting makes sense to soak or to impale the wall of the Cup, the seedling roots can more easily penetrate into the soil.

For planting seedlings, where possible, choose high-yielding self-pollinated varieties of cucumber. This significantly increases the quality and the quantity of the crop. Does not make sense to grow seedlings for cucumbers of mass conservation: seedling cucumbers are grown just for the small amount of fruit to the table in the earliest possible time.


The traditional sowing of cucumbers in the ground “Yuri” — may 6 or even 8-9 may, the results are not always encouraging. Often it is necessary to reseed the bed, and not waiting for germination. This is due to the fact that cucumber seeds begin to sprout at temperatures above 12 °C and the optimal for them is the soil temperature of 23-25 °C. Prolonged cooling of the ground leads to the fact that the seeds lose their germination and rot, and cooling of the soil up to 3-4 °C definitely kills seeds in the soil. Cucumber seedlings also do not tolerate freezing temperatures. At the same time, sowing in late may, of course, possible — but the soil at this time may not be enough moisture, and crop yield strongly delayed.

The solution is the cultivation of cucumber seedlings, which can protect plants in risky period and 2-3 weeks to get the harvest. However, gardeners are often afraid to grow seedlings of cucumbers, zucchini and pumpkins: these crops are very delicate root system, and they are very painful suffer transplant with the destruction of the root ball. Therefore, seedlings of pumpkin crops grown only in pots or magazines.

Seedling pumpkin. Grown only in pots or magazines


Ideally, sowing the seeds for seedlings carried out three weeks before planting in the open ground. In any case we cannot allow the plants buds appeared. Cucumber seedlings can be planted, since the advent of the first true leaf is about a week from sprouting to pain is not to look at the “grow” plants. The younger the sprouts, the better they survive in the new place. Drop-off time is determined by the temperature of the soil: it should not be below 10 °C. In an extreme case, cucumbers can be planted in the ground and cover in place, temporary shelters, film or agro-fibre, strained in the arc. During the growing seedlings fed 1-2 times a 0.2% solution of chlorine-free complex fertilizers or very liquid solution of mullein. If you are already late with seedlings, it is possible to buy.

LANDING. Planting seedlings of cucumber, you need to carefully fill the planting hole with compost, humus, manure: cucumbers grow well on fresh, decaying organic matter. No more than will make 3-5 g of NPK or superphosphate. The pit volume 7-10 l fill with compost top cover soil excavated from the pit, leaving the hole for the root ball. The pit carefully shed water (1-2 times filling it and giving water to soak). Then carefully remove the plant from the plastic pot without damaging the root ball, and place in the hole. Soil if necessary, gently obmanut, achieving close contact of roots with soil. The cucumbers planted at the same depth that was in the pot or a little deeper, which is especially important for stretched seedlings with long cotyledonous knee. After planting the plants are watered again, so that the soil settled and compacted.

Cucumbers. The younger the sprouts, the better root

It is highly desirable to mulch the soil beds with wood chips, dried grass, you can use Newspapers or cardboard. Mulch helps to preserve moisture in the soil, reduces the need for watering and weeding. The possibility of cucumber mulching the beds after transplanting is one of the most powerful advantages of this method of growing this vegetable. Bed pritenyayut light and agro-fibre, mesh boxes or other means which greatly reduces the stress experienced by the plants when transplanting. The cultivation of cucumber seedlings allows you to get crisp fruits already in early June, not to be afraid of the return of frost and not to rush into sowing seeds “zasolochny” plants in the ground.

Landing. The ground gently obmanut