Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine: Saakashvili returned to Kiev and give battle to the authorities

The world’s media continue to debate the causes and consequences of deprivation of the ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship. Although the main reason, in principle, is clear: a politician who left last fall as Governor of the Odessa region, did not cease to publicly criticize the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Georgia have been asked to extradite to the homeland of their former leader, against whom there are criminal cases.

And yet, what has now prompted Poroshenko to take such a harsh step against his former ally? Their attitude to the unfolding of Ukraine’s campaign against Saakashvili for outlined the members of his Georgian-Ukrainian team also has former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, once held the same post in Georgia. How did you react to the news that your old friend and kindred spirit took away citizenship?

David Sakvarelidze: Issued a decree about the loss, ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship by President Petro Poroshenko showed weakness, I would say cowardice in the face of a political opponent. Meanwhile, political repression against the opposition leader often increase the rating of his party. Such was the case in the Ukraine, and Georgia. In principle, Saakashvili would not hurt anyone, was engaged in his political activities, but Poroshenko made him such a gift. I already said that the rating of Mikhail Nikolozovich has tripled and, you know, in the world, only lazy did not discuss the question.

But that still prompted Poroshenko to make such a decision?

— Our political power gained momentum, and by the fall we were going to raise the whole Ukraine against corruption. Ukrainians understand what is our ideology. Saakashvili managed to unite many of the supporters of his ideas, gradually turning Ukraine into a very strong leader. Because of that power, and panicked.

— But now it will be hard to return to Ukraine.

— No doubt, he’ll be back. Will return and give battle. We are ready for it.

But, according to rumors, the Georgian special forces in Kiev, and if Saakashvili will step on the Ukrainian land, he was immediately caught and sent to Georgia…

If that happens, it will be the suicide of the two oligarchic regimes in Ukraine and Georgia. You know, what is the main difference from Saakashvili Poroshenko? In Kiev, Tbilisi, Moscow, Baku, Minsk all know him as a reformer. And who knows Ivanishvili and who are interested Poroshenko?! Saakashvili is a phenomenon, inscribed his name in history. He showed that in the post-Soviet space there are different from the post-Soviet thinking ideology, which is alien to corruption, embezzlement of public funds, strengthening their power through the humiliation of people.

— You think he couldn’t keep his power in Georgia?

— Very even and could still be living happily ever after in Georgia, as the ex-President or Prime Minister! But Saakashvili did not go, because of the political integrity are paramount to him. In the first place has always been the principle, not the money and power. That’s why he was able to recreate Georgia from scratch, to prove that it could be another country in the former Soviet Union.

— But in Odessa it happened.

Is another tale of the Ukrainian authorities. Does anyone know who was the Governor of Odessa to Saakashvili? Nobody knows or remembers, and the name of Saakashvili as soon as he headed the Odessa area, did not descend from pages of mass media around the world. In a short time he had made there, that for decades no one could. But we are faced with powerful opposition from oligarchs and criminals in power, but Poroshenko not only not help us, but in every way put a spoke in the wheel.

We managed to defeat the mafia of walnut, the annual turnover of which was estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. But the threads of the mob stretched too far — after all, the taste of chocolate give it nuts…

Very quickly, we were released from buildings oligarchs coastal areas, returning to Odessa the sea. Construction began on the roads and more. The number of tourists has increased many times, and there was a very real plan to turn Odessa into a world tourist center. But to no avail!..

And what results they have achieved this power? The situation in the country is poor, corruption reigns, and while Ukraine does not expect anything good. That is why Saakashvili will return to Ukraine and will give battle to this thieving government. We are ready for it.

— Do not fear that you will be deprived of citizenship?

We embarked on this way of anticipating everything. The politician nothing and no one should fear but the loss of confidence of the people. I do not exclude that after Michael I will also attempt to revoke the citizenship. But we are not alone — we’ve already got a major political sector. And such actions only Poroshenko will join Saakashvili’s supporters. For him it is playing with fire.

— So, you suggest that Poroshenko may reconsider its decision?

Anything can happen, because we are dealing with an inadequate and cowardly power. Several political clans, who stole the victory at Maidan and sat in Parliament, holding the whole country hostage. Do not wait for these people something optimistic.

— Many believe that behind all this Avakov, whom Saakashvili old conflict.

— Avakov is one of the important representatives of this criminal clan, and he is largely responsible for the current deplorable situation in the Ukraine. It should definitely be tried for crimes before the Ukrainian people, but he’s not one decides is a collective decision.

— Are you going to unite with other parties?

— While there are no negotiations underway. All move in his direction. But it all depends on the future, from our common goals. Nothing can be excluded. All parties supported us, except, of course, such as Lyashko. And we do not need their support, let Poroshenko support.

— In the state-controlled Ukrainian media accuse you of all sins…

— That’s it. Already running a “black campaign” by the Georgian team. Even started a rumor that I and Saakashvili sniff cocaine. What, then, intelligence agencies are not looking for drug dealers who sell it to us? In General, the usual practice: when there is not enough strong arguments in the course are dirty tricks, blackmail and threats.

Still, the main question is, what will happen to Ukraine?

— With this power, I’m afraid my predictions are more than pessimistic. Poroshenko and his government is quite satisfied with Russia: Putin understands that they will quickly ruin the Ukraine. The world has no respect for this power.

You probably know that Russia took control of part of the Baku — Supsa pipeline. What can you say about this?

— Azerbaijan we love Ukraine and Georgia, but I have to say that your country every day will be harder. Then will the opening of the railway in Abkhazia, and many other surprises. You need to be prepared for that. Michael always says Azerbaijan is a good word for relatives and close friends, and it’s a shame that things are now.