Labor management: how to make money during the holidays

In recent weeks, in the river intensified the seasonal labour market tourism — of the citizens to actively call for work in other countries and resort parts of Ukraine, which will soon start the summer season. “Today” to find out what similar jobs are most popular with Dnipro and what pitfalls you should pay attention.

Now many domestic hotels and resorts located on the Black and Azov seas begin to pick up the staff by the beginning of the season. Looking for cleaners, maids, cooks, helpers. “It is necessary to prepare the hotel for the may holidays, so recruit today, — says the hostess of the guest house in Kirillovka Anna Govorushkin. Now earnings are somewhat lower than in the high season. For example, kitchen assistant offer 3000 UAH per month, but food and accommodation — at our expense. Chef looking for a 10 000 per month. And the closer the summer will raise staff salaries by about half”.

1.5—2 times higher than earnings at the Odessa resorts. “The work of domestic helpers was not measured above 7000 UAH, but there is a chance to relax by the sea and eat at the same at the employer’s expense — said the Director of the city recruitment Agency Irina Lard. — Of course, there’s always a chance to stumble upon an unscrupulous employer, so I suggest to always compile a contract of employment and require at least weekly wages”. In addition, the expert recommends to stipulate in advance the number of days and to prescribe the terms of remuneration in case of sick leave.

Dnipro also call you to perform at resorts and other work. So, the juggling of sun loungers and parasols on one of the beaches of the black sea can earn 2500 UAH per month plus accommodation. Sellers of tickets on the tour promise from 100 to 300 UAH per day, and having worked as a master henna or washable tattoos applied you can earn up to 600 UAH per day.

Higher salaries in foreign resorts, but there is the job in a good hotel will definitely require experience and a decent portfolio. Animator in the resorts of Egypt or Turkey can earn up to $2 million per month, about the same pay and dancers. “If the experience of similar work you have missing and for it you offer good money, then most likely you are dealing with scammers, — experts warn. At best, you will earn significantly less than promised, at worst you will get problems with the local authorities for illegal employment”.