The number of failures in the subsidy increases: for that you can take a “discount” under the new rules

In Ukraine over the past few years, the number of recipients of subsidies has increased more than ten times. In 2015 the program of subsidies expanded and simplified, and in 2017, the Cabinet decided to “reform” grants. Now, renewal discounts don’t qualify debtors and for false information in the Declaration and violation of the rules forced to return the used subsidy in the budget. The website “Today” have figured out who and what take utility rebates.

In the subsidy refused almost every second family

With the beginning of the year grants received more than two million Ukrainian families. It is only 50.9 per cent of those who applied for registration discounts. Last year, reads a data of the state statistics, during the same period (January to may) grants issued to 11% of families anymore.

The number of failures increases from last year. As explained by the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, a similar trend is to be expected. The number of those who sought assistance increased several times, proportional to the increase in the number of those who refused. Even with the waivers, the state helps to pay for the communal 45% of all households. Only in 2017 for grants from the budget will spend more than 61 billion hryvnia. This figure is comparable with the entire budget for healthcare this year.

One of the ways to reduce the cost of subsidies to toughen requirements to their recipients. Did the government. “Improving the effectiveness of social support programs” the Cabinet at the end of April adopted a resolution №300. According to a new document, in may, the discount was denied to those who have debts for communal for at least two months.

“If there is a long time for utilities, but last season you did not use the subsidy, it can be arranged. If you have had the subsidy is the debt at least two years to renew a grant for next season, need to pay off the debt,” – told “Today” on the hot line of the Cabinet.

Another important innovation is illegally used, the discount will have to fully return to the state. For example, if the family hid the additional income, after the “exposure” will not only have to pay for communal services in full, but also to return the subsidy.

As they say in the government, most of the failures due to the purchase in the amount of 50 thousand hryvnias. According to the rules, if this season has bought something expensive in the next – will have to defray the costs without the subsidy. The rule applies not only to purchases but also payment and healthcare operations, for example, vision correction (except for operations essential for “life support”).

“If you have poor eyesight and you need this operation, please contact the Commission on social protection at the place of residence, provide the necessary documents. By the decision of the fee subsidy you can get,” he advised on the hot line of the Cabinet.

We will remind, last year the President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on the opening of Bank secrecy “to check the data that citizens were provided in the design of social benefits”. That is, the request from the Ministry of Finance, the Bank must show on account of a particular family. If you find that the monthly income is above the specified value, or the purchase was made in the amount of 50 thousand hryvnias, the family can leave without government assistance.

Another common violation – the Ukrainians arrange discounts on accommodation which you rent it. By law, to issue the discount is available only to the apartment in which they live. And the rental income must declare and pay income tax. Currently on sites with ads you can find dozens of proposals for the surrender of apartments already furnished a subsidy. If the violation will be recognized in the bodies of social protection, the amount used of discounts have to return to the budget.

What can refuse the grant: the full list of “violations”

Major purchase

How to learn: the Ministry of Finance Department verification compares information from different registries have access to Bank accounts

The easiest way to discover the purchase of land or machinery, this information appears in the public records. But if, for example, to buy an expensive phone for cash, such purchase may go unnoticed.

In the Cabinet decision clarifies that the purchases are: the purchase of land, apartments or houses, cars, building materials, repair costs accommodation or transport.

Concealed additional income, for example, from renting apartments to rent

How to learn: the Ministry of social policy proposes to expand the powers of the social inspectors. If the study of the material situation of the family would be that the apartment lives another family

As stated in the government resolution, we are talking about all undeclared income. However, the Finance Ministry website “Today” said that to catch the “hands” grandmothers who sell own-grown vegetables, will not.

There is a communal debt for at least two months

How to learn: information about the debt is shown on the individual accounts of households

This year the subsidies are not extended to the Ukrainians, who have accumulated debts on a communal flat. If there is a debt, a subsidy can be registered only in case if before it did not.

Family income is sufficient to pay for communal

How to learn: information about income social security receives from the tax service, Pension Fund and other agencies

Subsidies for non-heating season is calculated based on the income received from April 2016 to March 2017. If this year, for example due to the growth of the minimal salary, significantly increased the income, the subsidy may be denied. For each family the amount of subsidy considered individually.