“Gazprom” has occupied a third of the European gas market

Russia covered almost a third of gas consumption in Europe in 2016. This unprecedented level, despite tensions between Russia and the European Union, said the company “Gazprom” on Monday. “The share of Russian gas has increased steadily and accounted for nearly 1/3 in gas consumption in Europe”, — reported in the December newsletter corporate holding Blue Fuel.

The management of Gazprom has called an unprecedented historical result of achieving a share of 31% in 2015. “This progress became possible thanks to growth of volumes of supply of Russian gas exports, a record high this year, for the first time since the Soviet period and in contemporary Russia. This is due, in particular, large supplies in the month of November,” said the company.

“Regardless of the price (Gazprom’s contract prices were more attractive than the stock market in the autumn) and weather conditions (relatively benign this year), Gazprom is the only supplier that is able to firmly provide additional volumes to its customers in Europe”, — explained representatives of the company.

Within a few months “Gazprom” has highlighted their good performance as proof that the EU cannot do without Russian gas, although Brussels and some EU countries performed in recent years against the projects of new Russian pipelines.