What to do during the holidays: interesting ideas

When the school summer holidays, the parents have a problem: what to do with children so they are not lying in front of the TV all day, and spent free time with benefits, writes domashniy.ru.

Of course, the ideal is a joint vacation somewhere outside the city or resort where you can swim and sunbathe. But few working adults can afford to take the summers off to spend with my kids. So you have to consider other options.


  • How to develop abilities of the child using toys

Than to occupy the child at home during the holidays

  • Guest student will not be amiss to bring to the household. Younger children quite mastered wiping dust, cleaning the floor and washing the dishes. More adults can prepare dinner for your return. Explain to them that the more time they will release the tired parents, the higher the chance for an interesting evening together with games or a walk. Just do not overload them with responsibilities, they also need to relax and gain strength before the new school year.
  • If the child in the school gave the job for the summer, make sure he carried them out. The list of references and exercises in different subjects easy to master, if done with books and notebooks half an hour a day.
  • To offer a child to keep a diary and record what has happened with him every summer day and their achievements. The record can be supplemented with drawings, pictures, small craft projects or dried plants. If the idea of a diary will capture your child, he will come up with their own activities or seek to spend your day so that it was not a pity to remember.
  • Let me give you in your absence home or friends to go out with them to walk, if you live in a quiet area. Throw the guys ideas of collective entertainment: to arrange for concert performances or sporting events in the yard, playing detectives or cops and robbers, to make the exhibition of drawings.
  • Be sure to spend a weekend together. Move home and pay attention to the joint entertainment. For example, go to the zoo, cinema, aquatic centre or Museum.
  • We will remind, UNICEF launches campaign against child cruelty in relation to their peers.