Beauty salon business plan to successful business

Beauty begins with objectives and a business plan, it allows you to clearly understand when you will return their investment and start to earn how much and by what means. First we need to determine the attachment and model:




Closed type


of 30,000 UAH

from 45000 UAH

70,000 UAH

from UAH 59000


from UAH 285000

from UAH 395000

from UAH 995,000 in

from 459000 UAH

Decided on the investment in equipment. You need to choose a supplier. By the way, many companies, in particular Venko, give the installments on the purchase of their equipment to 200.000 UAH and this amount is to take the equipment. Now you need to determine the services, average check and plan download your future salon.

Average check is the amount of money that an average of one client in your beauty salon. It is calculated for each direction of the cabin separately. Ie, you need to plan the average bill of the hairdresser’s hall, manicure hall, beauty parlor.




Closed type


from 120 UAH

from 250 UAH

from 700 UAH

from 590 UAH


from 250 UAH

from 300 UAH

from 900 UAH

450 UAH

Hair hall

from 50 UAH

from 200 UAH

from 700 UAH

from 600 UAH

Laser cosmetology

from 250 UAH

from 700 UAH

from 1000 UAH

from 800 UAH

Calculation example, you have a business class cabin with 2 manicurists, 1 esthetician and 3 hairdressers.

The salon is open from 10:00 to 20:00. 10 hours manicurist can hold 6 treatments, 10 beautician and hairdresser of 15 treatments.

Total: (2*250*6 + 300*10 + 3*200*15)*30 = 450.000 hryvnia per month at 100% load.

Suppose in the first month of loading will be 30%, and every month will grow to 80%.

Think about the monthly costs:

  • the rent is 50 000 UAH;
  • utilities payments — 10 000 UAH;
  • purchase of consumables — 8 000 UAH;
  • alarm (security) — 5 000 UAH;
  • salary Fund — 120 000 UAH;
  • the is — 22 000 UAH;

Total: monthly expenses amount to 215 000.

Please note that in the first two months you will be in the red.

1 month: 135 – 215 = -80 thousand.

2 month: 180 – 215 = -35 thousand.

3 months: 225 – 215 = 10 thousand hryvnias – on the third month you will go to 0.

4 month: 270 – 215 = 55 thousand hryvnia.

5 month: 315 – 215 = 100 thousand hryvnias – in the fifth month to recoup investments first.

6 month: 360 – 215 = 145 thousand hryvnias – in the sixth month, with 80% of the interior, in the following months the profit will be stable.

On the eighth month you will recoup the initial costs and the salon will make a profit 90 thousand hryvnias.

As a rule, the beauty pay off in time from 1 to 5 years. The right business plan beauty salon and budgeting of expenditure will help you to quickly reach the level of payback and return of investment.

Important factors in the calculation of return – is the beauty salon and the salaries of the employees. These amounts can dramatically change bring profit.

The salons of VIP-class is repaid within 5 years, as necessary investments in expensive equipment and a high level of consumables, premises.

To help calculate and implement a plan to open a beauty salon, cosmetology, hair salon may be a professional company Venko, book a consultation on their website To evaluate the equipment, get competent advice, you can always in the Central office in Kiev Lukyanovka.