How to get rid of acne: tips and guidelines

The problem of acne treatment is suitable in a comprehensive manner. It is important to choose the right medicines, diet, to implement the necessary rules of hygiene. Effective methods of acne treatment offered by modern medical centres and beauty salons, according to

Diet and proper nutrition

Only the drug and treatments will not solve the problem. During the treatment of acne to comply with designated treatment, diet, sleeping at least eight hours a day and to do sports.

It is necessary to restrict or completely stop using excessive spicy, sour, sweet and fatty meals. To eat less stale fruit and vegetables but not the potatoes. You also need to drink more juices.

What you need to eat to get rid of acne:

  • Yogurt, fruit, vegetables – they are a source of calcium.
  • Fish, cheese, cheese and eggs are sources of phosphorus.
  • Vegetables, yeast and corn flour – are rich in vitamin B.
  • Rosehips, lemons, sauerkraut, black currants contain a lot of vitamin C.
  • Raisins, cabbage, prunes and dried apricots for the shortage of potassium.
  • Beef liver, soya, beans and peas are rich in chromium.

How to use makeup

Low-fat products, not clogging the pores, the best remedy for the skin prone to rashes. People with oily acne prone skin it is recommended to apply cosmetics only on fat-free basis.

Oily creams even more clog the ducts of the sebaceous glands, so the skin condition worsens.

The first thing is hygiene

Best cleanser suitable soft soap, not irritating to the skin. Wash face with soap morning and evening. You can use a modern tonic for washing your face, just be sure to pick up a series of “for oily skin prone to acne”.

Do not RUB the face too much – irritation will only intensify, and pimples from such actions do not become less accurate. Instead of soap if you use milk, use the toner to remove it, otherwise the pores will keep clogged.

Possible complications

You can not squeeze pimples, because the bacteria can penetrate deeper into the skin and forms a boil.

Treatment of acne

For the treatment of acne uses two types of medicines: exterior, when skin is treated with various ointments and lotions, and internal, when you need to take medications. Sometimes in the treatment of acne combines both of these methods.

Try to start treatment with traditional medicine. To them there is no addiction, and side effects are almost none. In advanced cases, to get rid of acne difficult that you should consult a specialist.