A new cryptocurrency has become the third level of capitalization

Cryptocurrency bitcoin cash, which appeared less than a day ago, came in third place in terms of capitalization – 11:50 am on Wednesday, 2 August, the figure was 7,732 billion dollars, while the price of bitcoins cash amounted to 469,16 dollars. About it reports RBC.

The first place in terms of capitalization retains the “traditional” bitcoin 44.6 billion dollars, second place in Ethereum 21 billion dollars. Occupied until recently third place ripple moved to fourth position with a market capitalization of 6.7 billion dollars.


  • The course is popular cryptocurrency soared to three thousand percent

The cost of bitcoin is 2.7 thousand dollars, which is almost 5% less than a day ago.

Recall, Bitcoin cash was allocated from bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Tuesday, August 1.

This happened due to the fact that some of the miners (those who provide their computing resources to perform mathematical tasks on validation and implementation of bitcoin transactions) and holders of bitcoin do not have to install the software for transition to the new Protocol SegWit2x.