TOP 5 most useful tools for self-care

We used to think that beauty requires a lot of sacrifices. However, this is not always the case. It turns out that there are a large number of cheap but very effective means to care for themselves. You can buy them in virtually every pharmacy, according to

Five of the most useful and inexpensive tools for self-care:

1. Salicylic alcohol.

Great tool, on the basis of which made almost all the creams from acne. In its pure form is sold in pharmacies and costs nothing. And the effect is significantly superior to expensive drugs. If you have acne, wipe your face with salicylal twice a day, and after a few days the skin cleared.

2. Hydrogen peroxide.

It can be used as a deodorant for body and foot and as an antiseptic for the face and chest. This is especially handy in the summer when the heat on the skin is often poured out pimples. If you want to squeeze a pimple, treat the place where he appeared, peroxide. It will soften the skin and eliminate irritation.

3. Capsules Evita.

They are sold in pharmacies for intake, but try to apply the oil contained inside the capsules, the skin around the eyes. You will notice that the wrinkles quickly smoothed out.

4. Heparin ointment.

Most often used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but is ideal to reduce swelling under the eyes.

5. Tincture of calendula.

Great for those who have rapidly dirty hair. RUB it into the scalp and you will notice that it will become less greasy.