What skills will be needed in the near future, in order not to lose work

Time does not stand still. Profession, who 10 years ago seemed impossible, today is the norm. The same, according to the forecasts of many experts in different areas, waiting for us in the future: 10-15 years some professions will change to such an extent that many specialists can simply be left out when the future will begin to rapidly enter our life.

Of course, the work in this direction is very much: we need to change University programs and to use new equipment in each of the cases, but the process is already underway, and in some areas we can already see this movement: teachers are moving to the Internet-the plane that farmers are adopting drones, humidity sensors and other robotics foreigners “tighten” it people to cyberparallel and advanced engineers coming on the heels of Western colleagues are designing “smart system” for homes, fussing over the introduction of eco – friendly and economtheory etc. About what else to expect in the near future and what skills will be needed in the future, said the teachers, employers and experts of the job portals.


If the earlier advice of teachers on Skype was a novelty, today it is no surprise. “This work has advantages in the form of coverage of the suffering of rural schools, lack of Pets and the emergence of sustained motivation — explains the author of the lectures “How to start a business for Skype consultations,” Victor Falls. — It already exists in pedagogy and in psychology, and socio-economic specialties will be progress in career “rules” (it is possible that the summary will be to create a virtual as videos)”.

ONLINE-DOCTOR. Many people say about the transition of doctors online. If you do not restrain imagination, we can assume technology that will allow to “visit” a doctor from the comfort of home, some kind of hologram or projection, which just exactly repeat his master, the ability to design remotely and it is possible to “print” tissue or artificial limbs/organs, etc. Although in such a big race in doubt as doctors themselves, and recruiters. “According to my observations and what I see now in terms of funding and equipment, I believe that further General online consultations from the series “to what doctor to come” or “what medicine is similar of the two to choose,” we will not leave, — the therapist said one of the Kiev clinics Olga Drozdova. — Maybe the world soon will step so far, but not Ukraine. The maximum that could network physician, is to thoroughly question the patient about his health and in the best case, which is also science fiction, is to see the patient with the help of a program video mode”.

But her colleague Daria Wheat does not exclude, that will come up with something that even matters on the tissue and prosthesis can be solved online. “Those who study General medicine and medical care, all areas of prosthetics, genetics, molecular biology, nutrition, need to be alert, and be sure to visit the seminars on “future”.

NETWORK ADVOCACY AND LAW. More believable in the eyes of both lawyers and recruiters. “It is strange that it is still rather poorly used, — said the lawyer Vasily Bykovsky. — Now you can even find free advice online, but it’s not quite a full-fledged legal support. Ill-defined and the system of payment experts online. But I think in a short time to solve a yurvoprosah via the Internet will be the norm, and communication with experts, which is now no well-established mechanism of communication and payment, — priests, conflictologists and others.”

In the network. You can get advice on education, medicine and law


Cybersecurity experts and almost “cinematic” cyberdetective is already a reality. In the foreseeable future, our specialists will also grow to such heights, there are steps in this direction. “This kind of vacancies we have, because of our programmers and the like such tricks although already taught, but good people while there is no program in the University is not updated as quickly as necessary, says content Manager portal rabota.ua Tatyana Pashkina. By and large, these professionals are sought only by “word of mouth” in your environment or via a recruitment company. Often take up jobs to foreigners or those who have received education abroad. Pay them are likely worthy, but I don’t think they do much.”

That our police in the near future “evolutionary” to the level with the prefix “cyber”, our recruiters believe is weak. “With an eye that only now, our police are just mastering that in developed countries take for granted for a long time, and that in a decade they will become specialists in cyberspace and the like, it is difficult to believe, say on the portals. The times that this will be a huge need, and our students are supposed to learn the “wisdom” of Western experts, or, conversely, invite them to visit us”.

Teachers also say that universities are not, even though talents among Ukrainian students, of course. “Even if you take the software, not all universities have the necessary material and theoretical base for teaching, as well as teachers who will be able to be so savvy in these matters, that will teach children for a salary which is obtained”, — says the teacher of IT disciplines at the Kiev University Igor Malanchuk.

Cybersecurity. Popular, but their education has no funds


The already popular field of IT, committed a real breakthrough over the past few years, predicting further development. Themselves workers and recruiters do not rule out that people will sink deeper into virtual reality. “There will be demand for more various architects and virtual reality, designers of virtual worlds, digital archaeologists, managers of avatars, the organizers of online communities, digital linguists and others — who will help people not just to play but to immerse yourself in another world, which is going to be more ours, more infinite, says IT expert Valentin Zagurskii. — To be the subject, the students is not enough to visit only one programming and other subjects. Still need to burn in this business, track new items, etc Likely to come is from the West, where already several steps ahead in the field of IT. And while the new University programs will not pick up — I think it will expensive courses/trainings/workshops for the creators of a new reality. Here they will become the pioneers — at the level of those who go to learn abroad and come back.” On the portals believe that the “new worlds” is inevitable, but jobs of this kind will not be soon and in small quantities. For such specialists and the equipment must be advanced, and in a large number of will be able to buy a matter of the company.


Minerals and other Earth resources are finite, so experts rely on the fact that in a short time in the world and in Ukraine will attend to the creation and widespread implementation of alternative energy sources. Accordingly, the new professionals who will be able to design and implement energy-Autonomous buildings can work with the sun, wind, water, earth are highly valued in the labour market. “We had jobs on energy saving, but a little, — tells Tatyana Pashkina. — I think all sorts of specialists for overcoming of ecological disasters will rise in price and in high esteem: they may be required for each company/the firm/the company, but in the distant future. When I look at the lack of money of companies and the desire to save all, comes the idea that “saving the earth” and taking care of yourself while limping on both legs”.

TO DEFEAT THE SUPPLEMENT. Experts predict and developments in the field of nutrition. “It is now fashionable to eat properly, to eat only natural products, — says development Director of the capital’s cafes Irina Knyazeva. — Those who can afford it financially, and doing. And I think in the near future the issue will become even more accentuated. In the cities can receive the people that will keep the farm growing organic products in the city. The cost will be expensive, but the demand will be high.” While vacancies city-farmers are a rarity, but the food industry and farmers need to keep their finger on the pulse. “They will have, in addition to studying, to invest in upgrading of vegetable storehouses and cellars, in accordance with the norms of environmental friendliness, etc.”, say recruiters.

GARBAGE. There will be some progress in terms of waste (of both enterprises and debris). “Waste management is particularly acute today, so I think we are on the threshold of a decision — say the experts-ecologists — Perhaps it will be a new way of processing for something useful — energy, fuel, etc. and, perhaps, a completely new solution.”

Waste disposal. Coming time for totally new solutions


Much will be done for the convenience of human life. “Smart house”, which protects itself, heats, cools, all that is needed — switches on/off etc in the next 10-15 years may become a reality for everyone, not just for the elite as it is now, says an expert who is currently dealing with “Smart house” Oleg Trach. — Probably, there will be something like “smart furniture” or “smart garden”, which is self watering, fertilizing and pruning to be reminded of. The same applies to “smart auto”, which would not just went and focused on the road, but can respond to temperature and other conditions etc.”.

Agrees with this expert and other experts in the field of technology for the home. They add that in the near future we can expect a massive development of different kinds of sensors that will help to automate familiar processes or to monitor the status of the strategically important subjects/factors. “Attention sooner or later have to be paid to the condition of the roads, as such, as they are now, they long to live — the experts say. — Certainly, if they decide to do conscientiously, you will need hands that can do it and will be able to work with new materials and advanced technology. Moreover, we can expect a different kind of “smart” detectors that will show the condition of the roads and to control it, as well as the development of new methods of repair and bringing the roadway to a working state”. Accordingly, we need to be people who will have the necessary qualifications and knowledge in how to do it well.

VELOTRANSPORT. In order to save resources and to maintain sustainability may appear a new form of transport. Perhaps it will be upgraded like a bike or a Segway. It is not excluded that Ukraine will be engaged in their production is, of course, will entail the creation of jobs and will require experts with the right profile.

In order to fix roads, will need new frames


In the agricultural sector today in large enterprises almost do not work manually instead of people working drones and machinery, and job portals are often found jobs in the industry. So it was a question of acute shortage of qualified personnel.

“Young people do not want to go to study in agrarian occupation: this job associate it with hard work from dawn to dusk and a small salary, although this is not so, say the employers. And we are not only unable to recruit specialists, but also forced them to retrain”. “To study in the same vocational school wants fewer students, as it was confirmed in the schools. — The problem is in outdated material-technical base: employers complain that graduates are not able to work with no modern devices, no raw materials, since they didn’t have practice.” As a result, according to Tatyana Pushkinoj, some of those jobs for a long time hanging ajar.

According to experts, in ten years, will implement automation the vast majority of enterprises. And they will continue to look for specialists who can work with drones and other robotics. So for those of you who want to get well, should now find yourself school.

Workers of any profession, the future is also to cultivate useful to an employer personal qualities — multi-tasking, ability to switch quickly, flexible thinking, curiosity and willingness to constantly learn new things.